Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nanowrimo day 23: It's all about the fashion

Between the recording studio Da Factory Hitz and the artists it has, KStyle Fashions takes up the remainder of the hip hop focus.  The clothes are very important in hip hop culture.  In "Six Sexy Sisters" it plays big because it is what launched the sisters into the world.

Kitty started off as the spokesmodel, while serving as the President of the up-and-coming clothing line, her face was plastered everywhere.  Then she comes up with the concept of all her sisters doing a series of ads titled "Six Sexy Sisters" and they all become every guy's dream.  Even though Krystle is lead designer, she was content with staying unseen, but she agreed to do the ads along with the others (a few others hesitated).

By the start of this novel, the ads were well received and everyone knows these ladies.  I wouldn't say there is anything special about KStyle Fashions.  In fact, I simply compare it to Baby Phat.  Hip clothes and put a cool logo on it.  I spoke with my sister, a REAL fashion designer, and we both agree, there's no real designing in these types of clothes.  BUT you can get them to stand out.

But that is not all that KStyle puts out!  They also have a men's line called IceMan Wear (a play off Icee's name of course), and a couture line KStyle Originals.  That is the evening gowns and formal wear that many celebrities die to wear, which they also have an inexpensive branch of that.  Last night I just wrote a scene with all the sisters at the Grammys, so you know they had on smoking hot dresses!

Now Kitty and Krystle are pregnant, so of course Krystle decided to come out with a maternity line.  They will premiere that line towards the end of the novel, not quite there yet.  And Krystle also whispered to me about a baby clothing line, so I think they pretty much have everything covered. (Although, she did mumble something about maternity footwear after having swollen feet from partying all night at the Grammys.)

The anti-climatic ending has a big fashion show for all the lines and introduces the maternity line. I haven't written it, yet so no details, but all the sisters take part in it somehow.

Ended with 85,022 words last night, so the end is near!!  And I have a good blog idea for tomorrow.  The hip hop slang deserves its own look into.  I even have to research the proper way my hip hop heads would talk.  Hey, this novel is more than a hand full!

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