Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nanowrimo day 24: All Cried Out

Okay, I know I was supposed to do the slang blog, but that is a biggy to break down, I need more time.  I'll do it tomorrow some time during Turkey Day.

So last night, I wrote the most emotional scene I have ever written in my 25 years of writing.  I'm sure I have had people die in all my stories (maybe one or two out of....200 stories), but this was like a big event.  You first have to understand that this story idea has been in my head for at least 3-4 years.  Even before the Kitty/Icee love story, I wanted to write a novel about a large set of sisters.  As I developed Kitty, I kept adding more sisters, then remembered I always wanted a family of a bunch of girls.

So I gave her that.  But they were side characters really.  None of them had big scenes, not even Krystle and she's the twin.  It took the third leg of that novel for me to get into the idea that these sisters were more than just pretty faces.  At first is was just supposed to be Sarena that was a little rough.  Kitty was this sweet, church-going, non-cussing, non-drinking, celibate girl that was as innocent as could be.

There were a few flashes here and there of her rage, but she was trying to "change."  Anyway, that third leg brought out the beast in all the sisters, even the brainiac Nola who was never in a fight a day in her life.  So I made these sisters deadly weapons.  I blogged about how they were trained by Killer Victor.  (Nola never received her training till she asked for it in this novel on her 21st birthday and THAT scene is HILARIOUS.  She takes Killer Vic down!)

So when Kitty and Kryssy have the chance to escape the psycho, gun in hand, what does Kitty do? Pow!  Okay, I'll save the rest for whenever you guys get the chance to read it, LOL!

I was happy for killing that character off.  It was pretty cool.  But then, one of my sisters is dying from cancer.  Oh lord!  I could barely type I was crying so hard.  I was shaking, my eyes red, snot flowing, tissues everywhere, breaking down like this was my best friend.  BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THEY ARE!  I've known them for years and their story has been in my head running around.  I knew this scene was coming.  I had visioned it in my head several different ways.  One of course, she makes it.  They live happily ever after (I actually wanted the SSS to record an album together in a sequel).  But alas, I could not make them prone from tragedy.

The scene was touching (actually, she hasn't officially kicked the bucket, she's hanging in there till the twins are rescued).  She's just saying her goodbyes to everyone.  Ashley is the one dating two men.  Both come in, men that did not get along before, and they are crying, telling her they love her.  She wants her baby father to keep her daughter in the other guys life.  He agrees.  It is touching. The one that proposed 39 times, she asks him to ask her one more time, just to have a round number.

So yeah, I put a few comedy moments in it, but if (when) you read this novel, if you are not teary eyed at that point, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!  If not that, cry for the ordeal the twins had to go through with the psycho.  I didn't detail every moment of it, but enough to give you chills.  It's not wonder Kitty goes crazy after that.

There also was a shoot-out last night.  Definitely need to work it out in editing.  Like, where is Sarena pulling guns from?  She had three at one point.  She does get shot, but nothing serious.  Her target bites the bullet though.

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