Friday, November 26, 2010

Nanowrimo day 26: Mean, mean girls!

Six Sexy A$$ Sisters being bad!

"I could have iced you in the back of the head but that’s the punk move. I wanted my pretty motherfucking face to be the last thing you saw.” Sarena Kelly-St. James as she guns down the bad guy.

"The things he did to me . . . I can't ever forget that. He has to pay! Motherfucker, you ready to die?” Kitty Kelly before she blows off the bad guy's head.

“You dumb motherfucker!” Nola Kelly said, kicking and punching the poor helpless guy on the floor. She wanted to see lots of blood, oozing down his face if she could. “How does it feel to get your stupid ass beat by a girl?”

After taking down a pretty boy model:
“Don’t ever grab me like that! What the fuck is wrong with you?  Now look at that pretty face!” Ashley Kelly

Nola getting her lesson with Killer Victor:
“After you take him down, what do you do?”
“Umm, I want to make sure his ass is down, so I’d stomp him in the face with my six-inch stilettos and go for help.”

Tenille Kelly asking if TA is dead:
"Are you sure? Did you do it yourself and make sure?”
“Naw, I didn’t wax him. But his face is missing and I just squished his eyeball, so baby, you ain’t gotta worry about a thing.”

All of them have bad potty mouths.  I even cleaned up some of the quotes for my blog.  All of them get a little action in, maybe not Krystle, but she talks about a past run in she had slicing and dicing somebody.  Victor always cleans up their mess if they use enough deadly force on a victim.

My word count is 96K and I may get in another thousand tonight and finish tomorrow.   I haven't written the very end because I want to save that for when I come back to edit it, which will be a couple of months.  I did this the same way with the original.  The end becomes dejected from the rest, takes on the effect of a whole other story.  I actually like that.  The original was a romance about Kitty and Icee, then the last few chapters took on the sisters' POV.  This end will go back to just Icee and Kitty POV as they battle to save their lives of their newborn babies.  I felt like that was enough to focus on, without the other sisters and their issues (which I have wrapped up anyway).

I even have written in some of my next sequel ideas, which will be Nola, Tone, and their long lost half-brother CJ. 

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