Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nanowrimo day 28: It's over!!

I hit exactly 100,000 words today in "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters," my nanowrimo novel.  And if you're just joining in for some odd reason, read all my past posts this month to catch up.  Go!  Hurry! NOW!

Anyway, I plan on the next blogs till Dec 1 to continue to be about Nanowrimo and my novel and my thoughts about the experience, then, I will shut up about it!!  Find new exciting things to blog about.  My other novels, how they are progressing and the long, weary time I will have sending out queries.  My skin is still not as thick as it needs to be, but I will manage!

I still save a few characters in SSAS I have no clue about.  They either need more fleshing out or just a better direction.  One, Primo Donatelli, the hot Italian that falls for Twin #2 Krystle Kelly.  I don't know what I have done with him. Because of Kryssy's indecisiveness, I have him flip flopping, or rather, she keeps changing her mind.  Does he want to be with her or continue to be the playboy?  I did not want it to be so happily ever after, so I struggled with that.  Primo kept "falling in love" too fast for me.  I just could not write him as the bad guy, still wanting to be the player.  So I made Kryssy just a tad crazy for keep pushing him away.  In edits, I will definite re-work that storyline.  It is nothing new for me to TOTALLY change their whole storyline.  Hmmmmm....

Also, the long lost brother, Christopher Kelly, Jr. For ONE, I don't like the name.  I just threw it in as a place-setter name. TWO: what is his angle really?  Is he using the Kelly name to claim fame or is he sincere?  THREE: How important is he really? Well, I want him as a character in the next sequel, so I really need to be rock solid about who he is.  So far, he has gotten really close with Baby Sister Nola and TonE (formerly just Tone) the rapper.  The three of them are all main characters of the next novel because they are close in age, and right now all friends.  Yes, I already have HALF of that novel plotted in my head.

I wrapped up all story lines except one.  Diva in Training Tenille.  What is interesting about her is that she is such a DRAMA QUEEN, she should have a bigger presence in this one, but she doesn't.  Outside of her killer performance at the Grammys, she's not much of a diva....yet.  So pay attention, Tenille ALSO gets a sequel coming up sometime in the far, far future.  I would like to explore a real Diva in Training and write a novel following her rise to fame.  She's had some bad breaks so far: TA attacking her, AKA turning out to be insane as well, and Hugo, the one guy she was really starting to care about was murdered.  How can she get past all that?  Wait for the sequel!!

As I said previously, I have not written the very ending of SSAS.  I wrote up to a point, where it starts to switch focus, then stopped. Instead of all the sisters POVs, it goes to just Kitty and Icee's.  They make a couple of BIG decisions regarding their life and the twins she gives birth too.  It won't all be wrapped up in SSAS but there will be bits and piece of it in the sequels.

So let's count so far....

1. The very first in the series is an incomplete work of short stories about the rap group Fact Iz and their rise too fame.  It starts with right before they are signed on and will go up until the point Icee meets Kitty.  I started this as just a side thought, wondering what Icee was like before Kitty.  He was WILD!  He has a song called, "Hit it, Lick It, Split It and Quit it" (well, the Facts does) so that pretty much sums it up.  He's the self professed "iceaholic" and "sexaholic."  These short stories are more on the "erotica" genre than anything.  HOT!

2. Icee and Kitty love story.  (I NEED A TITLE!)  If I had to put this in a category, maybe romance--well, till the end.   It just follows Kitty and Icee through about two years and their relationship.

3. Sex Sexy Ass Sisters.  What more can I say about this.  The sisters intrigued me, I had to write more about them.  Even though Two Gun Toting Hot Momma tried to steal the show in this novel (which she really does) toward the end, Baby Sister Nola really stepped her game up.  It starts with Nola beating down her ex-boyfriend, it ends (least at the part I stopped) she's giving a heart-felt speech at a press conference.  She just received her defense training from Victor and now she is another deadly weapon.

4. Nola, TonE and CJ.  So after SSAS ended so well with Nola finally becoming a strong character, I had to continue her story line.  All I know is this: she is dating TonE and they are in love....well, they think so.  But TonE is about to become the next big rapper and as Icee's protege and wanting to be as much like Icee as he can, can he resist temptation?  Not when hot young pop star Fianna is after him.  Not that Nola is being the innocent little girl, flirting with male model Rian.  In the middle if it all, CJ is friends with both.  He actually sings the hook on TonE's first single and he is signed to a record deal as well.  So again, this one will really be in the hip-hop world as well.

5. Diva in Training Tenille.  No story line in the works for her, but know it will be something hot!!

6. Big Sister Sarena.  Oh, you KNOW I have to write more about  my favorite sister!!  Hers will be a prequel to it all. Going back in time when she is just 14 and first meets Victor.  So this will be more of a romance story.  Lots of back story here, but none that hasn't already been discussed but it'll add a few things like 1. Their mother is still alive and she is where they get all their spunk so it will be cool writing about her and 2. Readers will see exactly how Sarena and the rest of sisters become "deadly weapons."  I believe it will cover at least 4 years, from when she meets Victor till when she gets married at 18.

Okay, and no, I am not forgetting the other sisters, Ashley and Krystle.  I have NO clue what I am doing with them.  Duh, Ashley's has to be a prequel though.  Kryssy's may be a prequel as well.  Actually, I'm thinking it should be called "Switchblade Twins" as it has been mentioned several times how deadly Twin #1 and Twin #2 are with knives.  Hmmmm...

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