Monday, November 29, 2010

Nanowrimo day 29: Hot, hot men!

Okay, since I am done with writing the story just a few more blogs about Six Sexy A$$ Sisters till whenever I start with the edits.  Thought I'd post my eye candy.  This is Primo Donatelli, the hot Italian Billionaire that falls for Twin #2 Krystle Kelly.  He's nice to look at, and when he speaks Italian it's a real turn on!  Well, you know to Kryssy!

Then there is Hugo, the hot R & B singer that falls for Diva in Training Tenille Kelly.  He doesn't have many lines, but his presence is very much felt in Tenille's story line.  What a cutie!

Of course, I had to add Icee!  I didn't really want to because you know, I use Tyrese as my model, but damn!  He's worth a drooling over as well.  Dark Chocolate.  I likes!

Of course, I already posted one of Killer Victor.  Other hot men include: T-Zack, Icee's best friend and the man Sarena cheats with and; Malik and Dallas, Ashley's two hot model type men and; TonE the young rapper that dates Nola Kelly

My Six Sexy Sisters have to stay up on their game!

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