Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nanowrimo day 3: Having a Nano panic attack

Well, stupid guy, trying to date three best friends, jumped the gun.  After his revelation, I had to backtrack, rework things, justify his behavior, make it so none of the friends know they are being played by the one guy they were all supposed to steer clear of.  It was hard.  In fact, I may have created a mess.

I am trying to NOT edit anything out, but I can edit things in, add more to the story to justify any surprises that jump out.    All that and I still did not get a big word count in.

I started main character two story and was really stuck.  Beside lots of back story, I didn’t get much action from her.  I knew she would be boring, but wow.  Just to get some words out, I had to go back to the first character and flesh her out some more, build on this story line.  I could write oodles of words about her!

It was painful, my writing last night, like pulling teeth, and I NEVER have issue putting words to the page.  I even considered scraping the idea and staring a new story.  I like this one, it’s just so complicated and weaving the stories in and out, making it believable is a challenge.  I actually found notes I had on this idea from five years ago.  Yep, five years ago I must have had a frenzy of ideas going on in my head!!

The idea sounded good jotted down on paper.  Making it work…not so great!  So, if I have to stick to this idea, I will make it work.  In my head, because the first main character was so wild and pretty much did whatever she wanted, and the other two are more controlled, it’s limiting me.  So why not get my other characters on the wild side?  I’m going to write out some mini-scenes with them while at work, see if it triggers anything for them. 

I will continue to work on this…however painful it is.  This story is so-ooo complicated, but something I would want to read, I just can’t seem to get it to flow. 

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