Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nanowrimo day 4: Starting all over

Didn't think I would do it, but I did not like what I was writing and started anew.  I know I will stick with this one because I have been dreaming of writing it forever.  I started working on it like crazy last night and I already have 8,687 words.

This is the sequel to another novel I wrote about the epic romance of Kitty and a rapper named Icee.  Here’s a brief set-up of the original (still untitled).

Kitty and Icee meet, date, fall in love, get married (there’s way more going on, but that’s the point).  Icee is part of a rap group.  One of the members becomes obsessed with Kitty.  Near the end he kidnaps one of her sisters.  She gets a chance to make a phone call to Kitty, and the “Kelly hotline” is in full effect, and in a matter of seconds all sisters are informed and off to the rescue.  Sarena comes in guns blazing (well she doesn’t shoot anything).  They beat the guy and leave him for dead.  But he isn’t dead, he has escaped.

And now he is after revenge.

The sisters:

SARENA “RENA” KELLY Big Sister.  She’s the two-gun toting hot momma.  Married to a notorious police detective, Victor, that taught her the game.  Feared by her sisters, and anyone else who crosses her path.  Her husband has been her world since she was fourteen, and being a stay-at-home mom was all she cared about.  Now a new job and another man threatens her happy marriage.  

ASHLEY “LEYLEY” KELLY  Don't mess with this one!  Though she only totes one gun, she’s to be reckoned with as well.  Single mother of a daughter that means the world to her, she leaves her comfy business to travel the world as the new face of KStyle Fashions, her sisters’ clothing line.  She has two men in love with her, but neither will have her because…

KITRINA “KITTY” KELLY Twin number one as she calls herself.  She is the President/CEO/former face of KStyle Fashions and Founder/CEO of Ice Kingdom, a super mall.  She is married to Icee, the hot rapper/singer/actor and they just had a baby boy.  Life could not get any better than that.  Except the crazed wacko that tries to destroy her and her sisters.

KRYSTLE “KRYSSY” KELLY Twin number two.  The designer of the hot KStyle Fashions is sitting on top of the world.  It’s time for her to share some of the shine with her twin and stop taking second seat.  After some traveling abroad she comes back refreshed, and with a new man.

TENILLE “NINI” KELLY Diva in training.  The wild child sister.  She has been signed to Icee’s record label and is getting ready to drop her album.  After the headache and pain the "crazed wacko" caused, she is turning her life around, with a new significant other. 

NOLA “NONO” KELLY  Baby Sister.  The brainiac sister that has been away in college while her sisters became famous, is tired of being left out of all the fun her sisters are having.  She abruptly drops out of school and starts to date a hip hop artist that Icee does not want her to be involved with.

(Just so you know, no on calls them their nicknames but each other, I just think they are cute.  Oh, except Kitty.  She legally changed her name in the first one, but that's a whole other story.)  More to come later, as for the next 26 days I will be delved so deep in the Kelly girls' world.  Trust me, these ladies will hold anyone's interest.

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