Friday, November 5, 2010

Nanowrimo day 5: Six Sexy A$$ Sisters

That is supposed to be the title, but I shortened it to “Six Sexy Sisters.”  Doesn’t really matter, I don’t plan on publishing this.  Not that it’s not any good, because it may be the best thing I have ever written, but as I explained to another wrimo, it’s too personal, too real, with real-life people in it (with names changed and fictionalized a bit, but they would know).  Since there are no publishing plans for this, I am able to write more freely!  It’s great!!

My word count is 15,000!!  And this is really day two of this story.  I went from 3 MCs to 6 MCs.  Difference here is, all of them could have a whole book written about them and it would be epic (I use this term to mean extra long).  The original is 97,000 words, and I am aiming for 100,00 words with this.  I won’t call “SSS” a sequel anymore, I call the original “untitled” the prequel.  It was just a set-up to these dynamic characters.  More detailed character descriptions are to come, but I wanted to further break down the story before I do that.

Icee (real name Isaac Curtis, he started as “I.C” and later changed it to reflect the “ice” jewelry he likes to wear) is a rapper in a rap group called Fact Iz (acronym of all the members’ first initial).  He meets Kitrina Kelly and they vibe.  But he has a famous girl friend.  Kitrina’s the good “church girl.”  The attraction between the two can’t withstand a simple friendship, so he dumps the celebrity and they begin a relationship.

Of course, the relationship has its ups and downs, especially since he keeps his ex around.  Kitty gets to travel with him, attend the Grammys, help in his recording sessions, and everything a girl friend to a super star enjoys.   Unknowingly, her, her twin Krystle and best friend Fayme pitch their idea of one day opening a super mall and Krystle having her own designing label.

Icee brings them onboard to roll out a fashion line to add to his umbrella of other successful businesses.  From there, Kitrina becomes “Kitty” a name Icee shouted out at the Grammys, and the name people already knew her as in the media.  Kitty has a keen business sense, and Kryssy has an eye for fashion.  Kitty becomes the spokesperson for the line (think what Kimora Lee Simmons did for Baby Phat or Beyonce and Dereon).  Her fame is tripling before Icee’s eyes.

Icee finds out Kitty’s sister Tenille can sing and secretly signs her to his record label.  When Kitty finds out, she’s cool with that, but suggests since he loves hiring Kelly sisters, might as well get the rest involved.  She pitches the “Six Sexy Ass Sisters” promotional idea for KStyle Fashions, where all the sisters would be featured in the ads, showcasing how different sizes can wear the line. 

One year after they first met, he proposes to her.  Their life really gets hectic.  She begins to start planning on her dream, the super mall.  Icee starts on tour for his first solo album, where he sings versus rap.  He’s a big success and movie offers are rolling in now.

But there is trouble wherever they go, from crazed fans attacking Kitty, to the ex-girl friend trying to kill her, and TA, Icee’s cousin and member of Fact Iz obsessing over her and assaulting her.  As if things could not get any worse, no soon as they step back from their two week honeymoon, they are all over the news wrapped up in a scandal that the ex-girlfriend is pregnant and she claims it’s Icee’s.  But it’s not, though Kitty is pregnant.

They hide that from the media for as long as they can, till her sister’s realize she’s pregnant and are upset they were not the first to know.  Life is pretty much calm for them for awhile, until….

Kitty gets a phone call from her sister Tenille saying the TA has kidnapped, raped and is holding her hostage.  Kitty has the rest of the sisters on line and they all meet up and head over to his house.

Meanwhile, Icee gets his hand on a song TA recorded where he claims he’s had sex with Kitty, as well as the ex-girlfriend, and both the babies are his.  Of course it’s all a lie (the Kitty part anyway), but that doesn’t stop Icee from going out of control, going over to TA’s house, only to see Kitty’s car parked there.  He doesn’t go in, but goes off getting wasted because he feels betrayed.

The Kelly Sisters bust in TA’s place and beat him to near death after they find the condition Tenille is in.  It is this scene where I realized these ladies had a secret life!  They were nice church-going girls, sang in the choir type of girls before, but the leader of them, Sarena, the “two gun toting hot momma” really made that scene for me.  I wanted to know more.

At that point of the story, it switched from just Kitty and Icee’s POV, to everyone’s POV.  I just went with the flow.  Everyone was crazed over what went down.  Icee never knew his wife had that dark side.  The sisters always had to defend themselves because they were a bunch of girls with no guy around to protect them, well, except when Victor came along and showed them how to use a gun, and shoot to kill if necessary.

Victor’s upset that Sarena did not shoot TA, who has now escaped and is a danger to the Kelly girls.  The story ends with Kitty having complications on her pregnancy (yes she kicked TA’s ass while 8 months pregnant).  She delivers the first boy in the Kelly family. 

And now, the story of the six sexy sisters begins….

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  1. So I see how you are such a prolific writer and still have time to blog! You have dynamic characters and great stories. I can learn from you. Brava! Keep up the good work. I look forward to witnessing your near future success and fame!