Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nanowrimo day 6: It's Getting Hot In Here

I hit 20,000 word count last night.  It was a rush too.  That means 2/5th of the way done, according to nanowrimo 50K rule...but I am aiming for 100K, so I will be in this to the end.

"Six Sexy Sisters" is going great so far.  So much drama!  Not one of them bores me.  Six distinct stories, you can't go wrong with that, and there is so much to tell.

The novel starts with the youngest sister, NOLA, and all the craziness in her life.  She's actually the tamest...for now.  Then I go in order of age, so the next one is TENILLE, the "diva in training."  She is promoting her new R & B album, so she does a lot of traveling.  KRYSTLE (and I keep changing how I spell her name and never liking it) is "Twin #2."  She is the fashion designer that has been all over the world, for work, not for play.  Now she is making it a point to have some fun.

KITTY, the star from the original, is "Twin #1."  She and Icee are trying to spend as much time with their new son and with each other.  Icee is about to go off to Brazil for his new movie.  KITTY is still working on her mall.  TENILLE, the former hair stylist and now model travels as well and balances raising her daughter and dating two men.  She really is not a "ho" as one of my nanowrimo buddies stated.  She is in a world of pain, just afraid to let it out and show her weakness.

And SARENA...what can I say about probably my most favorite character I have ever written!  And I have written lots of crazy, wild characters.  Everyone thinks she is happy with her stay-at-home mom life, but when an opportunity for her to work at Icee's record company comes up, she's in for the challenge.  Her new boss, Icee's best friend T-Zack, has been infatuated with her since he saw her pull out a gun on Icee in the original.  Yeah, he likes those bad girls I guess.

With all those busy schedules and crazy lives, it took past 20K words before I had all the sisters in the same room.  And now that they are, oh wow!  Everyone tells what they have been up to and not everyone is excited.  But these sister will be there for each other, through the thick and thin.

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