Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nanowrimo Day 7: It's all about the drama

When you have six very strong, very sexy ladies as the main characters (MC) in a novel, there is not one boring moment.  I may connect with one MC more than the other, or one has a more exciting story to tell, but they all have kept me going strong.  It is my goal that if published, these ladies become iconic characters. 

I'm thinking of this more like a movie than a novel.  But if I wrote it as a screenplay, 120 pages or less would not be enough to tell this story!  And as much as I say I don't plan on publishing this, it's too good to keep to myself!  And I say this not because it's my baby, I say this because I know it to be true, LOL!  Yes, I'm just a little vain with my writing.

Now the original, definitely have no plans to publish that.  So the goal would be to write this sequel in a way that you don't need to read the first one.  Ooooo!  Hard to do.  I haven't gone over much back story in this wip, it would just take up too much space and interfere with the current story.  Basically there's a crazy guy after them, but they don't know that...yet.  The Kelly sisters "beat him down" in the first one, so he wants them all dead, but any will do.

But the sisters are living their life, not knowing or caring that this psycho is on a hunt for them  They are traveling the world and having the time of their lives with their new found fame (all of them except NOLA are working in the entertainment industry now). 

But imagine this: one is a model, one a singer, one a fashion designer, one a model/CEO business mogul (think Kimora Lee), one works in Artist Development at a record label (and poor NOLA the college dropout does not know what she wants to do).  You don't want to mess with these sexy sisters.  The world is theirs...drama and all!


  1. I often like to think of the writing in terms of a movie too. Sometimes it helps the words flow better. Your story sounds very interesting!

  2. Thanks. I studied film in college, maybe that's why I think in movie form. These ladies keep me up at might as I tell their stories