Monday, November 8, 2010

Nanowrimo day 8: Baby Sister Nola Kelly

I thought I would start getting the character details out there.  You can get the general story line here, but that does not tell you much about the character.  I figured I’d go in reverse order, the order I tell the story, from the least exciting (but never boring) Baby Sister, to the way out there (always exciting) Big Sister.

Nola Kelly is twenty years old.  She is smart as a whip, the brains in the family.  So when it was suggested to her she should be a doctor, she followed her sisters’ wishes and went off to college to study medicine.  While she’s buried in books, sisters Kitty and Krystle have made a name for themselves in the fashion world.  Along the way, the six sisters help promote the fashion line by appearing in a string of ads titled “Six Sexy Ass Sisters.”

But she’s the least known of the Kellys.  She calls herself the “unsexy” Sister.  She has never harmed a flea her whole life, and has been guarded from the dark side of her sisters.  It is not until they attack TA that her underlying rage is brought it.  It gives her a rush, and now she doesn’t want to go on pretending she’s someone she’s not.

Finding her boy friend of three years having sex with her roommate, throws her into a rampage.  Afterwards, she flees home to her sisters, only she knows they won’t approve of her dropping out of college.  Sister Tenille is the only one she tells.  Meanwhile, while hanging out at Da Factory Hitz recording studio, she meets Tone, an up and coming rapper signed to Icee’s label.  She is instantly attracted and so is he.

But will her sisters approve?  And can she have the happily ever after relationship with a hardcore rapper that her sister Kitty has with Icee?  Are Nola and Tone the next hot, hip hop couple? (I guess you would have to read the first one to know about the Kitty/Icee bond, but in “SSS” you will get to know Kitty & Icee and how strong their relationship is).


Day 22 and I had to add that this relationship seems to be on the rocks!  Tone's career is kicking off, and with that comes more women, including hot pop-star vixen Fianna who is ready to do whatever with Tone.  But Nola isn't being the good girl either.  She's smitten for the new KStyle male model Rion.  Hmmmm, SEQUEL ALERT!

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