Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nanowrimo day 9: Diva in Training Tenille Kelly

And so I begin today at 36,176 word count!

What can I say about this character?  Let me say this first, I had an idea for her to start with, and as I started writing, she was telling me, “Unh-unn, no way girl friend, that ain’t me!  Let me tell you what I would do.”

And so, Tenille Kelly is twenty three years old.  In the original story, we met her living at the Kelly family home with Kitty.  She did not have a job and basically mooched off her sisters to get by.  She’s very pretty, very flirty and she did whatever she wanted.  When Icee finds out she can sing, and she can really sing (and by the way, all the Kellys can sing), he signs her on his label and she immediately sings the hook on one of his songs for his solo album.

At Kitty’s big birthday bash, Tenille makes a surprise performance of her first single titled “Get Me, Get Me.”  Here we see just how wild she is as she performs her show with a stripper pole on stage and gives a lap dance.  Yes, she was a stripper in her past.  The crowd loves her, more importantly, she catches the eye of TA, a member if Icee’s rap group Fact Iz.

Tenille leads TA on, like every other guy in her life.  But unknowing to Tenille, TA is obsessed with Kitty and only uses her as revenge.  When TA catches Tenille with his sister, AKA (the female rapper in Fact Iz), he flips out.  He kidnaps Tenille, drugs her, rapes her and beats her.  Tenille manages to sneak a phone call while TA is passed out and her sisters are on the way.

Well, if you read this, then you know how it went down.  So in Six Sexy Sisters, Tenille is promoting her new album, and trying to have a relationship with AKA (who is also promoting her solo album).  She “thinks” she’s gay, and while she does have feelings for AKA, she doesn’t stop having fun with all the hot celebrity guys she meets.

(And here is where she is leading me astray).  She meets an up-and-coming R&B artist named Hugo as they both share several promotional concert dates.  At one of their events, someone was out to get Tenille and he comes to the rescue.  But can she have a relationship with him, and still maintain her relationship with AKA?  And does Hugo really want to become involved with someone that has a crazed stalker on the loose?  Is he willing to give up his life to protect hers?

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