Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nanowrimo day 30: Last Nanowrimo blog of the year

I cannot believe I blogged every day for 30 days!  That was not the goal for the month, but I had so much to say about my Nanowrimo novel and the experience.  For any writer out there who did not participate this  year, I highly recommend trying this for next year. Even if you don't make it to the 50K, it will get you in a writing frame of mind to JUST WRITE!

My mind has completely turned off of "Six Sexy Ass Sisters."  I do that when I need to give my brain a break.  Not that little elements aren't still floating in my brain, they are, but I have not opened the file since I hit 100,000 on Sunday.  Why?  To just begin edits?  They will be there for me in another month....if I start edits then.

Someone asked me well, what will you be doing now that nanowrimo is over?  Humph!  Where do I start?  How many WIPs do I actually have?  I actually had to break out the scratch paper and jot them all down.

1. All That It Seems.  My very first novel written, and as such, it is my top priority to send out.  I am doing one last edit to get it under 70,000 and then I will start sending out maybe first of next year.  This is my "best friends" novel about three friends looking for Mr. Right.  I blogged about the three main characters and the storyline quite a bit here back in August.

2. Sister Circle. In the grand scheme of things, this would count as my second novel (although in between the two I started and quit several).  It is at 56K and I would like to get it to 70-75K and start a round of edits.  This is second priority.  This is a story about four sorority sisters and the day to day life of college.

3. Millionaire Playboy (not the title). Also not the third novel written (another one in between it), but this is the order I place its importance.  I wrote this in about 20 days in September and it is 74K so complete, but I have not looked at since I finished it, so it needs editing.

4. November's Song (not the title) I started this novel early this year to be my third novel, but lost focus on it, and then MP came and stole its thunder.  Great story, I just lost it somewhere.  I would love to finish this and put it in the line up.  This is the story about a high school drama teacher involved with an older man and her high school crush at the same time.

5. Icee/Kitty Romance (untitled) Since I worked so hard on SSAS, I have to go back to this and decide if I ever want it published.  It is 97K, but I skipped a whole chapter (on purpose).   

6. Beauty School (not the title) a novel based on students in beauty school.  I started this a long, long time ago, immediately after "All that It Seems" but never finished.  This one is different in that it is erotica, so, whatever I do with this, I am unsure.

7. Six Sexy A$$ Sisters.  You know that whole story! This would be in the lineup at the end, for now.

So that is SEVEN WIPs in progress, but wait, I'm not done.  That's just my NOVELS, you do know that I am a screenwriter also.

1. new screenplay. I just wrote one in October and finished it, for the most part.  Need to work on some rewrites and sending it out.

2. Greek Freak.  Or at least that was the title of it when I wrote it 20 years ago.  Right!  My first ever screenplay that I still adore and needs a drastic rewrite, but I will do it and start sending it out there....Again!

3. Freshman Year. Another screenplay I wrote in college.  I never shopped this one out there, but now is the time.  Oh yeah, and I just found the handwritten sequel to this titled Sophomore Year.  Yeah, I'm a mess, but I'm not counting  this.

4. Sisterhood. Not sure if I want to shop this around, because it's not as relevant as it was when I wrote it in college.

5. This Is How We Do It. A screenplay I wrote for a class that I never vibed with.  Rewritten several times, but still cannot get it to work. I think I changed the title several times as well.

6. The Crew From the Lou. I hand wrote another screenplay I never typed up loosely based off my favorite singing group of all times, but yeah, that was just for fun!

7. It's Just A Job. This was a romantic comedy of short. Never finished it.

Also, I write other things:

1. Web-Opera.  Earlier this year I got the idea to write a soap opera-type story as a blog-type of thing.  I started writing it by hand and got pretty far, then got busy and forgot about it.  I still want to have a soap opera type blog.  I've seen it done and pretty successful.  Stay tuned for this!

2. Growing Up television series.  This is my heart!  I want to serious see how I can push this out there.  I have about 300 episodes written.  In all fairness, this should be my web-opera, but it's worthy of so much more.

3. Young Adult series.  This is also my heart!  I wrote some of these as a teenager myself (of course, re-written as an adult).  I would love to serious work on these and get then out there.  I believe I have 8 out of the 20 done in the series.  Have not worked ion this in years.

4. Various miscellaneous short stories.  Where to even begin there!

So there you have it!  Not a boring moment for me and the choices I can decided to work on after nanowrimo.  Hey, writing a novel in 30 days was nothing to me.  How about we start a finish-edit-get-and-agent-and-publishing-contract-in-30-day-Group.

What does this mean??  Nothing new for me besides writing in Script Frenzy in April and nanowrimo 2011.


  1. You make me seem like I am just going to be twiddling my thumbs for the next month or so even though I have a couple of stories that I want to work on. Man, girl you got it going on.

  2. Wait till you hear about what I plan on doing for Script Frenzy! Blog up later today about it.