Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 writing plans

I have not written anything new in December. Call it post-nano syndrome.  Not that I am blaming my lack of committing to a new project on that.  If you have been following my blogs, September I wrote a 70,000+ word novel and in October wrote a 100 page screenplay.  All that leading up to Nanowrimo in November for the 100,000 word novel. So I’m good!

And you know I have all the ideas in my head.  So that’s not it.  I have been editing All That It Seems and nearly done, FINALLY.  It won’t get down to 70K words like the publisher likes, but I’ll see what happens when I end it at about 72K.  I also have been reading through “Sister Circle” my second novel, not really editing it though because it is not quite finished.  Missing those last great ending chapters.  So in January, I will work on finishing that and doing a quick first edit on it.

I figure I might as well break the rest of my projects down by the month.  Work on something and then wherever I am in the process leave it alone to finish another project.

Jan - Sister Circle finish and 1st edit (did not finish)

Feb – screenplay rewrites and edits (not going to work on this at all)

April-Script Frenzy, write FOUR new screenplays

May –Start the first round of edits for the Millionaire Playboy novel.  Have not looked at that since September!

June/July- I may be finally ready to read through my Nanowrimo project!  Woohoo!  In conjunction with this, I will also edit the first novel in the Six Sexy Sisters series (and find a title for it!)  Hopefully this will prepare me for outlining the TWO novels in the SSS series I plan on writing for the 2011 Nanowrimo in November

Aug – Back to Sister Circle for more edits, hopefully get it ready enough for others to critique.  Hope to start sending this one out by the end of the year.

And that’s all I have for now.  I am sure this will not be how it all exactly works, but I can dream and it’s better to pre-plan than not plan at all!  I will start sending out All That It Seems to agents, publishers and wherever else I care to starting Jan 1.  Actually considering e-publishing, but still researching that.  I want to try things the old fashioned way if possible.

Still trying to stick to nothing new except for Script Frenzy and Nanowrimo, and easily done because I have so much unfinished work!  Yeah, I’m good with my writing for 2011.


  1. Wow. That was an awesome amount of writing those few moths. And this looks like a busy year that you have planned. That's awesome. Good luck reaching your goals.

  2. Yep, those last few month I got re-inspired to actually WRITE! I was writing off and on all year, but really became serious after August. Now there is no stopping me.

  3. Wow...I feel like such a slacker, lol!