Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And the craziness just keeps rolling in

So yesterday I blogged  about all my current wips, and I know it seemed like a lot, but really it's not.  Do I hope any of them get published?  Sure.  If none of them do? Well, I have a hundred more ideas just waiting to put out there.

How many different, original ideas can you come up with that you would like to write?  I have jotted done ideas and outlined stories, created character descriptions, clipped articles, whatever I deem as an interesting story idea, I collect them.  At work today I did an exercise.  I gave myself ten minutes and jotted down as many story ideas as I could.  Boy, that was tough!  Only seven came to me, and I thought it would be more.

Are any of them usable? Maybe.  Some definitely need fleshing out.  They go in my file of "ideas."  I'm going to gather them all, type them up, keep them on the computer in one place so whenever I need an idea for something new I want to write, it's there.

And I need new ideas!

Now I did say that I would not write anything new in 2011 except for Script Frenzy in April and Nanowrimo in November.  So I better make it count!

As such, here's the plan for April: FOUR SCREENPLAYS.

That is 400+ pages.  My screenplays tend to be longer than the 100 pages required of Script Frenzy, but still under 120.  I already know I want to do FOUR very different genres: horror, action, drama and romcom.  WHAT??  Is she nutso?  Perhaps.  Remember, I studied screenwriting in college, so I am more comfortable writing them than novels.  Plus, I am a dialogue person, less prose.  When I reread my first draft of Six Sexy A$$ Sisters, it nearly reads like a screenplay.  I definitely have a lot of filling in the gaps.

The horror and action plot I already know because they are past ideas I've tossed around for years.  The action, actually I had since college, even wrote out character descrips I must find and redo.  The horror, maybe ten years ago.  It was a movie inside of a story I wrote where a character was an actor and stared in this made-up movie.  I thought it would make an interesting movie and have tossed that idea around.

The romcom, I kinda know.  All I know is I am writing it for a certain celebrity and I will blog about that in the future.  Not saying she has to be the one that plays the role, BUT, I use her as inspiration.  The drama, I have time to come up with something, maybe one of my old ideas when I get them all collected together.

But Script Frenzy is months away, so I'll let all those story lines marinate in my brain.

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