Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Bossy" Sherry Donovan

If there is one character in all my "girlfriend" novels that is the least exciting, Sherry gets that title.  I'd compare her with MyKayla or Nola.  They just don't have that great a story.  Well, actually, she does, it'll take me as the writer to make her scenes as enjoyable to read as Zavrina's.  First off, I chose Eva Pigford as Sherry.  She nearly fit my vision of her to a tee.  Nearly.  The face, not the body.

Sherry is a junior, smart as a whip, former student gospel choir director, current tutor, an Elementary Education major, and President of the sorority.  She's all about business and not afraid to tell you what to do, hence her name, "Bossy."  She doesn't look like the other pretty girls either.  She wears he curly hair short and not overly style or with weave.  She's not a skinny toothpick (so again, ignore the ANTM body, think Eva with about 50 extra pounds on her). 

She loves to be in love, hence her boy friend of about a year Donte.  They walk around campus like the couple of the year.  They openly display their affections, and others envy what they have.  Donte, the perfect gentleman, even though he is in the same fraternity as "frat ho" Kenyon, he doesn't act like those other fraternity guys.
Or does he?

Giving away too much here, but yes, Donte is not all he's cracked up to be....

But Sherry is not one to be alone.  So in comes Taj. 

Now if a girl had to choose, the boy she still loves or the guy filling in the blanks, well, it's not that obvious as it may seem.

Oh, and stay tuned and keep checking back and I will post the "eye candy"... I mean, the leading men in a blog.  It'll get really HOT IN HERRE!

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