Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bring out the Claws

For my second screenplay for Script Frenzy I will tackle a horror, and just like the RomCom, I selected who my leading lady will be.  This is Heather Hemmons.  She currently stars on Hellcats, my guilty pleasure show.  But its actually a good show!  Heather plays one of the cheerleaders, and she's the bitch, and those type of characters I LOVE!

So it will be kind of ironic that the horror screenplay is about cheerleaders.  Oooo!  I have had this idea in my mind for more than ten years!  It started as a made up movie that a character in one of my YA novels won a role in.  The movie became a cult success for the character and she went on to make a sequel (but I won't even begin to go there for now).  So after that novel was complete I thought, why not write the actual screenplay?

I started and stopped, never got far.  I don't even know where those old pages are, but it doesn't matter because I want to start all new and fresh this time.  In my mind I have changed some things.  Horror movies just are not the same as they were ten years ago.  Around this time, I think the first Scream had come out.  There was no Saw or Final Destination (both my fave horror series).  I like in those that there is no actual "killerman" or "boogeyman."   I mean sorta in Saw, because someone has to set the traps. 

So I want some kind of "unknown" element on the lose.  This is going to be way complicated to do!  Me, the writer who does not like to kill off any characters, not even my bad guys.  The writer that talks a good game but knows nothing about guns and knives.  Me, the writer that passes out at the sight of my son's bloody nose.  Me, write a horror?  Hey, I need this to help me grow!  It's all about the creative process.  The story may very well suck, but I want to try new genres in my forte of writing, screenplays.

Better this than a horror novel.  You loss me there detailing everything in it.

I had the title in the YA novel, but it has sorta been used since then. Sorta, but I can't really explain it.  The new title I want for it, gives too much away in the title, or does it? I am thinking of using the title as a twist.  The audience will think one thing, but then bam, they get totally shocked.  And I like Heather for the part not because her character in Hellcats, but I needed a biracial lead character, someone who's nationality was not really known (back in the day I wanted Christina Milian).  And again, I am not writing it for HER, just using her as a basis for the character. 

I also added a few other famous females in supporting roles, meaning, maybe they all get killed!  That is going to be so much fun!


  1. Loving your courage to try something new and the commitment to see it through - very inspiring! You seem to always have so many ideas!

  2. If only I had time to WRITE all these ideas and SELL all this work.