Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Cool it Now" Lark McCormack

In Sister Circle, my current wip, Lark is the newest member of the sorority.  She actually starts her senior year hoping she makes the new line.  Afterall, this is her last chance.  She has struggled to get her GPA and other requirements where they need to be.  But don't let that fool you, Lark is a pretty smart girl.  A bit shy, a bit introverted, but she is all about business as well.  I chose YaYa, because despite the haters she had, she still goes down as my favorite ANTM contestant.  And Lark matches her to a tee.

Lark took over the Association of Black Collegians from Zavrina, and now serves as the President.  She does not mingle with others on campus because she has tunnel vision, to be accepted into this elite sorority.  Her  boy friend of three years is older, out of college and against her pledging into a sorority.  Even her parents have forbidden it.  But there is no stopping her.

Enter Frankie, the hot junior basketball player with eyes for Lark.  He could be the distraction that she doesn't need.  He is definitely an attraction she must avoid...but can't seem to.

It does not help matters that her line sister is slacking and Lark has to make sure they stay on top of things. Then brings the drama....but more on that maybe later.

Needless to say, Lark makes it into the sorority, and decides she is ready to make her own decisions, including deciding who she wants to date.  Good news for Frankie, not for her longtime boy friend Ross.

To try and get her back, Ross tells her parents she is now in a sorority.  Her parents cut her off, leaving her to fend financially for herself.  Who steps up to the plate for her?

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