Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Living in LaLa Land

I read this blog today all about how if you want to make it in the screenwriting world, you must live in L.A.  Of course, like most screenwriters NOT in L.A. I felt discouraged.  Right out of undergrad my first plan was to go to New York.  A few years later, I attempted to move to L.A. with another friend who is a writer.

That very year I decided I wanted to have a family instead and adopted my two kids.  Dreams deferred I thought.  Writing went on the back burner.  I knew how difficult it was to become an established writer not living in L.A.  So I gave up.  Why even bother, right?

Years later, I decided if screenwriting was so hard to break into in my hometown of St. Louis, maybe I could try my hand at writing a novel.  I studied SCREENWRITING in college, not novel writing.  That was not my passion.  But yet, I learned the craft and drafted my first novel (currently editing it).

Do I still want to become a screenwriter?  YES!!  Can I do so not living in L.A? Maybe.  Doubtful. VERY hard!  But I think if you have the goods, and you are writing what Hollywood needs at the time, anyone can become successful.  So for me, I like to think I will get in where I can fit in.  Either I write and publish an awesome book so that when I shop a screenplay, people know my name, or I write an AWESOME screenplay that Hollywood can't refuse, no matter where I reside.

Will I ever leave and head for LaLa Land? I keep my options open, but there is no rush.  If I am a good writer in St. Louis and can make some connections (and you can outside of Cali), I'll be even better in L.A.  I don't think I am the best writer I can be right now.  I'm not the best person either, because I don't do well with schmoozing with those types of people.  Let me practice my schmoozing here in my safe comfortable home. 

I will continue to WRITE, any and everything!  I will continue to network, meet the people that make things happen in all areas of the country.  I will find an agent willing to work with my novels.  I will learn EVERYTHING about becoming a professional screenwriter, be it film or television.  When I am ready to make that plunge to L.A. I want to hit the ground running, IMMEDIATELY, get it done, sell some screenplays, get a contract, get my own television show, all that!

Dream big!!

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