Thursday, December 2, 2010

My college years inspired me

Last night I started gathering my "ideas" written everywhere I could find.  Geesh! I was not exaggerating either, they are everywhere and on everything!  I typed up only the ones that made a little bit of sense.  Some I was like, "What in the world was I thinking?" So far, about fifty story ideas but that's not all of them!  I still have more places to look.  I did get rid of the bits of paper though so I feel like less of a pack rat now.

I also found lots of unfinished ideas where I actually started writing something but never finished.  Oh my goodness! I crack myself up!!  About 15 years ago or so, right out of college, I started to write a TV drama type of soap opera show about college life called "Our New Life" and yes, I was totally biting off of "A Different World" my favorite show EVER!!

Someone on Twitter asked me if I write about college life a lot.  YES!!  Three screenplays, one novel.  But that ain't it.  In my findings of "ideas" I found a whole entire series for college life.  Back then my series collections had a broad theme and 26 books in it, for each letter of the alphabet.  So there are 26 story ideas in my college-life series.  How can I create that many original ideas??

Let's get back to "Our New Life."  I totally did not remember this until last night.  I had to read a bit, all handwritten, to remember it.  It is about two roommates who meet in college.  Well, those are the main characters anyway.  It deals with some of everything!  It's based off my experiences at TWO different colleges.  Yes, I attended two, one for a year, then finished off at another.  The roommates are both me...yes, how creative of me...and tell my two different stories through my first year at each college.  Okay, let's get this straight, the FICTIONALIZED me!!

I combined all my friends and experiences from each school, and they are all used in this drama series.  It was working quite well, I guess I got side-tracked with something else.  Anyway, the point I, me, myself and moi, have enough stories to tell about college life???  Uh, no problemo.

I am a very observant person by nature.  SILENT BUT DEADLY they called me at one of those colleges I attended (and I am not explaining why).  I watch people, listen to their stories, and boy are they interesting!!  I mean, stuff I went through alone is story enough, but everyone else in college?  I think I touch some of every experience in all my college-related works.  Well, maybe not, but I am still observant of young people so I think I can continue to write about that age group and those experiences.

In my second novel, "Sister Circle," when my college friends read this book, just be warned I FICTIONALIZED YOU, sheesh, so's not about YOU (you know, not really...and it's not about me....I mean, not a whole lot about me).  I compare this novel to "Unfinished Business" the book in the movie "The Best Man" with Taye Diggs.  He kept telling his friends those characters where not them, but they really were.  Then he aired his dirty secret in there and Morris Chestnut nearly killed him over it.  Soooooo, I apologize now to any of my friends that want to strangle me after reading my novel and connecting the dots.

IT AIN'T YOU!  The names are not similar or anything.  Okay, no more apologies. 

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