Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Princess Pepper" Zavrina DeCosta

I have a little thing with giving my MCs nicknames!  I just noticed that.  Read the character descriptions of Shae, Amari and MyKayla from "All That it Seems".  Read the character descriptions of the Six Sexy Sisters: Sarena, Ashley, Kitty, Krystle, Tenille and Nola.  Yep.  I did not even realize I did this!

Anyhoo, for my characters in Sister Circle, I used former contestants from America's Next Top Model to cast my MCs.  I don't know why.  I just saw their pictures in a magazine and it called to me.  I already had a general idea of the characters, and in fact, some did not even fit the look of the ANTM, but I worked it out and I think it all works. 

I'm starting with Zavrina DeCosta because well, the first page starts off with her, and she is the most...wackiest...umm, wild....bitchiest.....lovable character.  Always the sassy ones are my favorites.  She's definitely up there with Amari and Sarena as taking the show every scene she is in.  And if you watched Top Model Cycle 4 with Jade, you know she was the BITCH that season.  Is my Zavrina like her?  Yeah, somewhat.

Zarina DeCosta is a senior, pre-law student that is holding down the top position at the school, as Student Body President.  She is running thangs!  She also serves as Senior Resident Assistant and was President of the Association of Black Collegians two years running.  She's pint-sized, maybe five feet nothing (so ignore Jade's model height), she rocks the extra large afro, she's multi-racial (Black, Mexican and Asian) and she believes the world revolves around her.

Well, if you read the opening scene, you know she is creeping around with one of the hottest men on campus, Kenyon Moore, only he's a known playboy and her sorority sisters hates him.  Speaking of the sorority, not giving up the details on how I created the fictional sorority, but I LOVE it! Zavrina pledged her sophomore year, when she started to "creep" with Kenyon, the "frat ho" while several of her Big Sisters were fighting over him.  Hence, Kenyon was off-limits to all members of the sorority.

That never stopped Zavrina, who continued her undercover relationship with him, off and on for years.  Now Kenyon wants more.  He wants to take the relationship public but Zavrina fights it all the way.  What's a girl to do?

Oh yeah, and the "Princess Pepper" name is because she's so SPICY!

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