Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sister Circle's leading men

I like my male characters to be someone I would be interested in.  So even though I think all of them are smokin hot, that may not be the concensus.  I start with Kenyon Moore because he is just so flippin hot!  The character as well as the person I vision he looks like.  That's Brian White, so hot!  Kenyon is creeping with Zavrina, but he's nothing like the "frat ho" everyone deems him to be.  He takes extra special care of Zavrina and he has a secret he's not sharing with anyone.

Then there is Sherry's man, Donte.  He is the perfect gentleman and so in love with Sherry...well, so it seems.  I did not visualize Lance Gross when I first created the character, but when I saw pics of him and Eva together, I thought what a cute couple!  They have broken up though.  Nothing last forever in LaLa Land or in my fictional world either.  But enjoy this handsome dark chocolate brother.

Then there is Ivan, Supersonic....I mean Jill's BFF.  He's been her friend forever, but he's ready to upgrade.  They share classes together, they hang out, he does everything with her except get the benefits of a boy friend. Why? Jill is so hung up on finding a "blacker, than black man" for her "Mr. Right" she may let a good guy go.

Speaking of blacker than black, this is Frankie, Lark's basketball playing honey.  This is the guy she must avoid because she has a long-time boy friend.  Plus, she needs to focus on her school work and pledging.  But Frankie is not one to stay in the back ground for long.

These are just the main men.  There's also Lark's boy friend Ross, Jill's crush Mac and Sherry replacement Taj.  Who said there's not enough men to go around? 


  1. Oooh... that was rather lovely to read... and look at the pictures lol!

  2. I try and keep it visual for myself. When I find pics of my characters, it also makes me flesh them out, make them real...without taking on the personality of the actor/model I select.