Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Such a diva!

I like when I can take a real person and create a crazy story.  Well, when I came up with my 4 screenplay ideas for Script Frenzy last week, it all started with one person.  Kimora Lee!  I replied to one of her tweets and she replied back with a "Oh hells yeah!" and I thought, "I LOVE HER!" she's such a character.  I want a character like her.

And why not!!

To get the facts straight, I already have ONE character based off her.  That would be Bonnie Walker from the Icee/Kitty story and a small scene in Six Sexy A$$ Sisters.  But Kimora Lee needs so much more than a few scenes.  So I came up with some ideas of a movie with a character similar to her. 

And since Kimora Lee is a St. Louis native, it's all good!  I'm one of those people that always supports my hometown people.  It's one of those things were you really feel six degrees separated at.  No, I never met her or know her personally, BUT, I did go to grad school with her brother. 

I already have the title of the screenplay . . . Fantabolous! (it's a romantic comedy).  I have two actually, just have not chosen.  I don't know anything else about it, except the character will be a little bit over the top, which I think Kimora is, but in a good way!  Least in a funny way, hence why I make this a romcom.  I don't know who would ever play the part, but as the writer, I don't have to think of things like that.  Besides, I'm an unknown, even if I wrote it for a particular actress, as if I could really snag them.

For my other 3 screenplays, I pretty much create the characters first, then the storyline.  Only for my screenplays do I write out a detailed outline, especially for Script Frenzy I will have to.


  1. I love Kimora. I watch her reality show and you're right she is a character! I love that she thinks more is more and won't simplify for anybody. Do you watch her show?

  2. I don't watch her show! I have heard of some of her antics. I wish she did more acting. She started to go there early on, but then got settled into her family life and Baby Phat. She needs to be on the BIG SCREEN!