Friday, December 2, 2011

Naming Chapters

How does everyone feel about naming their chapters?

I actually LOVE doing it, but I know it’s not meant for every novel, and so I don’t.  To me, it’s like giving the novel a bunch of mini stories.  With each chapter having a beginning, middle and end, but all connecting to the main novel. My chapter names are typically revolving around what is going on in that chapter only….or sometimes, just a common theme within the novel.  Or, in the case of “Everything About You” it’s a display of all the songs in the novel because one of the main characters is a hip hop artist.  The music needs to be felt while reading the novel.

In my very first novel I wrote, chapters were divided by main characters, and each title of the chapter reflected their personality.  I have not used chapter titles for my other works in progress, but I do love it!  I want to do it for all the SSS series.  I mean, if I did it for the first one, I should do it for all.  The Nola Kelly one def would benefit from chapter titles.  Even “Six Sexy Sisters” would be better since there are six main characters…and at times their significant others’ POV.  The only way I have divided chapters now is with the person POV it is. 

So since I will be back in editing mode soon, I will get back to “Everything About You” and get it done!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sisters, they are so fun!

Now that Nanowrimo put me on a writing spree, I am back in blogging mode.  I will try and do it more often, discuss some of the projects I am working on.

Well, first up, finishing “Now That We Found Love.”  After that, I am for real, for real going to go back and edit and make ready the first one in the Six Sexy Sisters.  I still have issues with that one because I wrote it for fun, not for someone to read!! 

Also, I decided the order of the series, makes a lot of sense to me to the development of the story.  First there’s Kitty and Icee, "Everything About You," the story that introduces the sisters, though they are not major characters at all.  My take is, a reader will read this and want more of the sisters.  You get that feel some time around the end.  Like, why are they badasses?  What other dirt have they done? 

Then there is “Six Sexy Sisters” because in this one, you get to finally learn more about each sister as they develop even more and each face some drama.  This was supposed to be it.  I had to do a sequel to “Everything About You” because a stalker was out there for them, and I had to conclude that.

Somewhere in “SSS” it hit me, they all need their own story!  I think Nola Kelly  and Tone started that feeling for me because, even though they were in a solid relationship, it was starting to weaken.  I wanted to develop their relationship more.  Then having the long lost brother CJ around their age was a bonus!

But I wasn’t sure about the other sisters.  I mean, Ashley dies on “SSS” so what do you do?  Make a prequel!  So for that, I decided Sarena Kelly and Victor ST. James love story was interesting enough.  It is!    This also shows how the sisters and Victor’s relationship began.  It also develops Sarena into the deadly weapon she becomes.   This novel is PIVOTAL to the series, but being the fourth installment works because the reader can say , “Oh, I get it now!”

I mean, you can read them in order, but to me, it’s not the same effect.

But then, I wanted to do Tenille’s next, which would come after Nola’s, but I decided if it’s all back and forth, that’s chaotic.  So here’s what is next:
Ashley Kelly-(prequel)Her journey wilding out the two years she spends in St. Louis, MO before she gets pregnant.
Krystle & Kitty Kelly-(prequel)Yes, Kitty gets another story!  I felt like because they are twins, and nearly connected at the hip around the time this one will be written, it worked.  I will try and focus mainly on Krys, but this one may be the most “gangsta” because the twins are hardcore.  Also, this one will be pivotal because they will lose their mother in this one.
Tenille Kelly-It is better to end with her as a wrap-up of what is going on in the others’ lives.  It is going to be glammed out because Tenille will be on her second album and the others will have seen major success as well.  Excited to end with this novel!

But as I stated yesterday, the Kelly sisters will live on!  Well, not ever as main characters again, with the exception of Nola Kelly.  This will be more like a thriller/suspense novel series.  I’m thinking like the Alex Cross series.  But if you watch Criminal Minds on TV, that is more of what she will do, profile serial killers. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 30: Winner!


Finished at 122Kwords.  One complete novel, and one 80% complete one.  I will finish it this weekend under no pressure.

And umm...even though I have FOUR more to write in the Six Sexy Sisters series, I came up with a great idea for another series.  A spinoff really.  They will be totally different from SSS, but also keeps readers in their lives.  It also will give me a chance to develop and write in a genre I LOVE to read, but can't seem to write.

No, not giving out more details.  All I can say is, I have LOTS, LOTS, LOTS or research. Like for real, I want to be well versed on the technicalities and there are lots.  I will be doing that by reading more in this genre and just researching the field of expertise my main character will be in.

Oh, you know it's one if the Kelly sisters, I couldn't help that.  She quickly became my fave....thought it was Kitty when I first wrote her, thought it was Sarena because she's well, scary, but nope.

Take a wild guess.


NOLA KELLY the great FBI Agent!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 29: Payback is a B....

I probably won’t finish this second novel by tomorrow for Nanowrimo…and that’s okay, because “winning” Nanowrimo is to write 50K and I did that 2 times over!!

I will finish “Now That We Found Love” on my own, writing when I have FREE time, not frantically and all crazy hours of the night.  Thank God!!

Now, payback…who doesn’t want that?  Well, I reread over “Six Sexy Sisters” last night and was fascinated that, when Sarena confronted Victor about her affair with T-Zack, the first thing he stated was “Is this payback for what I did when we were kids?”

Yep!  Well, she said no, but she said she was still hurt by it.  They were not married yet, and supposedly she forgave him for that.  But really?  When I initially wrote Sarena having an affair, it was not for payback sake. She was bored in her marriage and being neglected by Victor who was more concerned with the safety of the rest of Kelly sisters.

But now after writing about Victor’s affair(s), hell yeah, let’s call it payback is a b!*$%!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 28: Crunch Time!

I pulled an al nighter last night, which means, no sleep, I just wrote like crazy.  I have given up hope to hit 200K as planned, but I may hit a respectable 140K by Wednesday.
I’m still writing “Now That We Found Love.”  Still loving it, but some of the scenes just seem extra.  I mean, this novel spans over at least three years, when Sarena Kelly starts her sophomore year of high school, and now she’s about to enter college as a freshman…and I see no end!  I was afraid of this.
One, because I know the ending, so I just have to write all the scenarios to get to that point.  No surprise ending like the other novels in the Six Sexy Sisters series.  But wa-ay so many throughout the story.  I really detoured what I wanted Victor St. James to be.  He’s supposed to be this awesome guy, loves Sarena, loves her sisters, and goes all out to protect them.  Oh, he’s so much more!
But what has come up is a Victor I did not imagine. I knew I wanted him to “step out” on Sarena at the beginning of their relationship, but man, he went there!!  And as I’m writing it, I’m feeling bad.  He’s supposed to be a good guy!  How can I make what he is doing right?  I couldn’t.  I think I made their relationship mendable though, and obviously they got through it (but Sarena gets her payback in “Six Sexy Sisters”).
Right now, they are on their honeymoon!    
But getting back to Victor’ s little discretion(s)…Victor may not be that hardcore killer yet, but Sarena, GIRL, she went bananas!  She even scared her twin sisters with her rage.  And she’s not even known for her fighting.  She’s known for carrying two guns!  I think I’ll end the novel, somehow, when she gets her hands on her first gun!
Victor is about to start police academy.  I think I have to back track and make him do more dirt. Besides fist fighting, he’s not done anything to make everyone so afraid of him…I mean, busting a guy’s nose in the Campus Union can’t be all he’s known for!  If he’s supposed to be “Killer Victor” he has to, you know, KILL!


I have just the person that must die!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 23: Now That We Found Love

I know I am no where near 100K and it is the 23rd of the month, but I still have faith that I will hit 200K by the end.  I have a 4-day weekend and no plans but to sit home with the laptop in front of me.

It helps that I looooooove this story!  I titled it "Now That We Found Love" because well, I really was a big fan of Heavy D, and his death was kinda timely to my story.  The day he passed, I wrote a chapter in "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" that referenced this song, even though the characters were not born when the song was out!  Geesh!

In this one, the song is only a few years old.  It fit the principle of the story because Victor and Sarena "fall in love" very early on in their young relationship.  But is that enough?  Now that they found love, what are they going to do?  I actually struggled with a 16 and 18 year old claiming to be so madly in love and knowing that's their soul mate.  But it's true, and I know people it has happened to.  So I have to make the story believable...

This means things aren't perfect.

Victor is still conflicted from his past, though he won't admit it.  He also takes his role as father/big brother to the Kelly sisters, very serious...too serious at times, even risking his life.

Sarena has a bad temper that no one can shake.  Victor does not help, training her in boxing and martial arts.  Her rage is from for her father leaving, and for having to take on responsibility of raising her sisters, and in essence, taking her childhood.  She looks to Victor as her escape and having a fairy tale life.

I'm not sure how to end this story.  I like to end with a big BANG, and so far, all of the Kelly novels end with you wanting more...and having cliffhangers.  It's hard to do this one that way, we know what the future hold!  But yet, I bet there will be something juicy at the end. Hmmmm....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 22: Killer Victor Part 2

Okay, I was not going to go into detail about Victor St. James, but I just have to.  I mean, I detailed each of the Six Sexy Sisters and all it does is intrigues readers to want to read more, I mean, I hope!

Soooo, Victor St. James…so complicated.  Yes, he loves all the Kelly sisters, yes he feels more like their father than brother.  He should, he raised them!

Victor’s story begins when he is a kid, abandoned at age six in an alley in New Orleans, and found by the St. James.  They are an older white couple with no kids, so they decide to adopt him (actual more to this story…I haven’t written it yet, but it’s so deep).  So he is raised with a pretty good life, except his father is in the military and travels a lot, so they move around a lot.  They settle in Springfield, Missouri where his father decides to retire from the military.

He is sixteen when he arrives next door to the Kellys.  He is instantly mesmerized with them and spends a lot of time with them.  Even Mrs. Kelly adores him.  His mother, who was a stay-at-home mom, now travels on vacations with his father, leaving Victor, at seventeen, home alone.   He’s so busy with school, football and three different martial arts he doesn’t get into much trouble…well, if you don’t count the girls.

He dates nonchalantly, in the back of his mind knowing he is missing something.  Yes, that something is Sarena, but he is in denial about his feelings for her, thinking she is just like a sister to him. He is very close with all of the sisters, and they all have little crushes on him at various points in their life (seven year old Tenille is upset when Sarena and Victor start to date because she claims Victor is HER boy friend—and she was serious, LOL!)

Victor wanted to go to the military like his father, but his mother is the one that convinces him he wants a career that keep him home and close to family, so he goes to Missouri State University. At MSU, he develops the reputation that will follow him forever--Killer Victor.  Later, he decides that he will enroll in the Police Academy.  He becomes a force to be reckoned with, but a heart of gold when it comes to the Kellys.

I always make my guy characters guys I could fall in love with.  Victor is a winner!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 21: So far, so good

But I am so behind!  If my goal is 200K, right now it is looking like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

Good thing I LOVE this second story I have begun.  This is the fourth in the Six Sexy Sisters series.  This one follows Sarena Kelly, and also the beginning of her relationship with Victor St. James, so he is a MC.  Oh boy!  You would think having main characters that are 16 and 18 there would not be much drama. 

I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!

First off, I actually LOVE writing Young Adult type novels.  That’s were I started, writing stories for pre-teens and teens when I started at age 12.  So, for me, this novel actually reminds me of my younger work.  Two teens falling in love, with a happy fairy tale ending. I mean, we already know how this one ends, they will get married, have two daughters, live happily ever after (well, not counting Sarena’s affair with T-Zack and ummm…darn, I can’t give the rest away)

But I am having fun developing these two.  Victor St. James, before he was known as “Killer Victor” and Sarena Kelly before she becomes “Two Gun Toting Hot Momma.”  Haha, there may be no guns in this one (well, not sure, this one spans a few years of their lives).  So throughout the story, things happen that roughen them up.

I’m not even 15,000 words in and Victor and Sarena already beat one guy to a bloody pulp.  And Sarena got a beat down by one of Victor’s exes.  Sarena is starting her “training” with Victor and you can see that she will be a force to be reckoned with.

It’s interesting with Victor, because I had not done much background on him.  Outside of moving next door to the Kellys and immediately taking on role of Big Brother, there was not much there.  Why?  That was the question, why did he attach so quickly to them.  Well, learn all that in the novel, but it’s a heart-wrenching story.

But my FAVORITE thing about this novel is writing the Six Sexy Sisters, BEFORE they became who I grew to love in the later books.  Wow!  All I can say is, I am having so much fun with a four year old Nola Kelly, a seven year old, very Diva-ish “I’m a Princess” Tenille Kelly, the ten year old twinkies that are always in radio, Kitrina and Krystle Kelly, and the thirteen year old bad girl always into something Ashley Kelly.  Oh yeah, Sarena is the boss and they still fear her.  Counting a fight with Ashley, Sarena has already been in three fights!

And then there is Carrie Kelly, their mother.  It’s kinda eerie writing about somebody you know will die so young (and in that case, I feel that way about Ashley as well—they both die of breast cancer).  Carrie got pregnant with Sarena when she was sixteen, married at eighteen and got pregnant every third year with another daughter.  Her husband leaves her when baby Nola is only a few months old.  She raises SIX girls all by herself.  I bow down to her!!  Well, Sarena takes up most of the slack, because Carrie works 2 jobs, one at night, one while they are in school.  She is only 33 in this novel.  So young to have that many kids, but it is what it is.

Oh, she’s a character!  Love her!  You can see where Sarena gets her mouth and sass.  She also looks so much like the twins. 

In the first chapter, it’s the first day of school and imagine getting six girls ready and doing their hair!  I wrote the scene but laughing at all the drama these girls were going through.  This is when it helps me coming from a large family!  I understand the dynamics oh so well.

Sarena and Victor, THE couple of the year!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 17: Changing history

Did no writing yesterday.  A lot of other stuff going on.

But my mind was on my story, trust me on that.  This new twist that came up in the story….changes the whole game!  Changes the whole series…or it could.  I could back-track and rework some things, or just leave them as they are.  If I leave them as they are, that makes the BIG EVENT that happens even more shocking.  But I feel like I need to drop in some “little nuggets.”

It especially affects the next story in the series, the first prequel, the love story of Sarena and Victor.  I mean, it has the POTENTIAL to change the whole course of things….but I won’t let it.  I will write it the way I originally planned it….as if the future has not happened yet (I mean, it hasn’t). 

I will be beginning that one tomorrow and pretty excited!  I have the whole day off and plan to just sit there and write, write, write!  And then I have all weekend, no big plans!  How much can I whip out in 3 days??

So I have about 5K to write tonight and finish “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.”  I will say this, it ends with a cliffhanger…on purpose.  You’ll learn how it ends in the next installment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 16: Too close to reality

I’ll be honest…I’m shy about having others read my work.  This Six Sexy Sisters series started off with a “what if” dream in my head.  “What if I met and fell in love with a hot rapper?”

Pretty much from there, Icee and Kitty developed. YES, I am Kitty!  Icee, one guess.  Set in the Midwest? Enough said.  It was actually set in St. Louis, but when I decided to make this less and less like a certain rapper, I changed locales.  I kept going back and changing Icee to make him as different as possible…still have similarities….so wonder who the ex-girlfriend Bonnie is??

(I actually started combining that rapper with a certain R&B singer/actor/model/and now writer)

I was writing this for fun, never intending anyone to read it.  Then as I introduced the sisters and started loving them, I wanted to know more about them. (I come from a big family as well, 3 sisters, 4 brothers).  So many similarities in them and my sisters.  I’m not a twin, but what I call an “almost twin” (11 months apart, we started school together and did everything together).  AND one of my sisters is a fashion designer.  Oh yeah, I’m a personal trainer like Kitty (but I was not at the time I created her, LOL)

From there, I have other similarities with real life people for other characters.

Take Tone, the rapper that Icee discovers.  Well, he’s a certain young rapper out there now.  Actually two combined.  But think about a young rapper that is HOT right now, with a more established rapper as his Mentor.  Also, Tone’s love story mirrors a young Hollywood couple (Fianna is based off a real celebrity as well).

Everything else is all me, all original characters.  If there is a Nola Kelly out there, I want to meet her…then run scared from her.  If there is a CJ Kelly out there, let me stare at the eye candy, but I won’t let his playa moves sweep me off my feet.

And if you see a Killer Victor or Two-Gun Toting Hot Momma Sarena Kelly, RUN!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 15: Best Writing Day Ever!

Halfway point.  I’m not halfway done, but that’s okay, that is what the weekends and days off are for.  Some serious writing sessions coming up.

Last night….probably the best writing day of my life, like ever!  And I have been writing since I was 12!  Twenty six years later, I still LOVE it! I love creating characters that come alive…and take over the story.

The chapter I was writing was so intense!  Basically, I knew what was supposed to happen, but did not know how.  I can’t go into specifics because well…it would not be any fun if and WHEN readers read this book and already know.  This is the element of surprise type of stuff.  Although…I saw it coming, not initially…but somewhere down the line, I knew.

Okay, that was kind of cryptic, LOL!  Okay, someone gets killed.  I generally don’t like killing off characters, good or bad, but uh…this series deals with six sisters that take no mess and are trained to fight to kill.  So yeah, that.

Also today, just now at work, I thought of another twist…shocked me it popped in my head, but TOTALLY works for the story.  Again, it’s so juicy I can’t get into details.  I said it before, I LOVE my Six Sexy Sisters (so sad one of them died off in the second book, but that’s what prequels are for!) And the books keep getting better, and better!  This one is definitely my favorite right now.  Not a simple love story like the first one with Icee and Kitty.  Not the chaos of having SIX dynamic leads in “Six Sexy Sisters.”

Cannot wait to start the next one, still untitled, about Big Sister.  This one will be a little different.  A lot slower in pace because it’s a love story…basically between two kids.  But just because my main characters, Sarena and Victor, will be teenagers, don’t mean there will be less action!  This one will go a lot faster writing-wise because since it is in the past, what happens is like history already written.

But oh yeah, Momma Kelly will be in this one!!  Excited to develop her and see how much of an influence she was on their lives.  Wow!  Okay, getting myself excited.

But listen, instead of just Baby Sister and Big Sister having their own novel as I previously planned…oh yeah, Lil Sister, a.k.a Tenille Kelly the up-and-coming Diva will get hers! Ha!  More on that later!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 14: Good Guy, Bad Guy

Sometimes I HATE my characters…and I mean in a good way.  Like, I make then this really despicable person, so evil…but yet, you really can’t hate him if you made him that way, right?

It’s all a part of making fiction like reality.  As a writer, everyone cannot be perfect (although I find it fun when mine are close to that).  And everyone can’t be Mr. Nice Guy in a love story….ouch, this one hurts me.  I like to create the perfect man.  Gorgeous, smart, body, and a gentleman.
Come on now, that’s not reality!!
CJ Kelly has everything going for him.  Just gorgeous beyond words, body smokin’ hot, and smart as heck.  So he has to be flawed right?  Let me say, I am having fun with his flaws!  I think I have him a borderline sex addict (though he won’t ever admit that in this novel…it will be something to explore later).  And the thing of it is, he doesn’t even see what he is doing! 
Poor kid!  He’s still young, only 21, but he will see some growth by the end of this novel…not totally there, but enough.
Did I mention he is an AWESOME singer?  Oh yeah, and he writes his own music.  And now, he has been signed on to be an underwear model.  Okay, okay, I had to make the good things way out there because the bad things about him balance him out. 
Least I have some good guys in the story.  Nola Kelly is bouncing between two guys: Jason and John Jay.  Which one is the keeper?  The Frat guy or the up-coming Record Executive?
Ha! I could give it away, but it’s too juicy to give out all the details.    

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 11: Things get interesting

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to Springfield, MO.  It is the city where I went to college.  It is also the setting of my Six Sexy Sisters series.


I could not write yesterday, but I did take the opportunity to soak in as much of Springfield and Missouri State University as I could.  Okay it's like this, 2 out of 3 of my MCs go to college there.  There are sooo many scene around the campus...but that campus sure does look a lot different than when I was there 15 years ago.  Take the student union or PSU (Plaster Student Union)

We didn't have that!  We had the Campus Union....they have expanded on this building so much its unrecognizable to us Alum.  I mean, I could get lost up in there, whereas in the past I knew every nook and cranny.  I like the new PSU.  It's very student friendly.  You see students with their laptops in corners, diligently working (or maybe playing Angry Birds, who knows)  There is a Subway, Papa John's and Burger King.  There are like 3-4 little stores (I need to count--I think 3 though...ummm, maybe 4!).

I know one is for like Greek stuff.
One has convenience store things
And one is all computer and gaming things.
There may be a fourth I am overlooking.

There are lots of meeting spaces, and as I was there fore a meeting, I could see student groups using various rooms.  But the most interesting thing I gathered was the fire drill we had while I was there.  Super exciting!  I have to find a way to incorporate it in my novel. 

And I figured out who to kill off in my novel.  Woohoo!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 10: The Drama Intensifies

Things are getting pretty darn interesting!  Nola Kelly has won an intern with the FBI, so things are going great for her….that is, if she can control her temper.  She is constantly getting into trouble.  Like serious trouble….
Victor to the rescue.
Then there is CJ, who I will have to go back and make him more of a sleazebag.  He is really bad with the ladies.  And the bad thing is, I’m drawing from my own experience for him. 
College + a fine man + young naïve girls + add in a Fraternity = FREAKS OF THE INDUSTRY!
No, but he’s not a Kappa.   You get the point though.  I have to make him so off the deep in with it, and then come full-circle.  Actually…maybe not.  He plans on recording an album with Da Factory Hitz after graduation, so do you think he will give up his playa ways?  I doubt it…he’s still young and about to be put in a position men would love.  Still thinking on him.
And then there is Tone, so in love with Fianna all he does is talk about being in love and his love for her.  I mean, I have them so happy and perfect it makes me sick!  Haha!  So what do you think I will do…break up the happy couple?  Thinking about it.
Like I said, I am not sure who will have a happy ending.  It keeps changing in my mind, but then, I’m letting the characters lead the way.  If I had it my way, all would be happy and in love….just not reality.
So I push on.  No real writing today because I have to head out of town, but tomorrow it will be on!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 8: Sex Game

Yep, I wrote a chapter last night about “sex game.”  I couldn’t help myself from laughing through most of it.  I’m ONLY a writer people, I am no professional on what I call “sex game.”
You know, like, “You got game!” when someone does something spectacular.  Well, “You got sex game!” that’s like the same.
So I had to dig DEEP into my imagination for this.  Tenille Kelly is home from her tour and Kimiko and Nola are her students.  Tenille is a former stripper, and according to her, “a freak in the sheets.”  She breaks it down to her two eager learners, how to entice a man.  And when Tenille gets in action, it’s a show for real.  She holds nothing back!
Wish I could detail everything taught but ummm, it's not that kind of blog!
I don’t even know if everything she taught them works…who cares, it’s not the point, but um, it’s definitely a hot, hot, HOT chapter.  And this chapter ties in so well to a chapter in the first of the series, the Kitty and Icee romance.  On their wedding night, she shows off some moves that Tenille showed her.
Yep, Tenille is a fun, fun character!  She will have a book in the series as well, and trust me I will love every moment of writing that.
Hit 39,353 words yesterday, and plan on adding another  5K tonight.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 7: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

So I have discussed Nola and Tone’s storylines a bit more, now we come to CJ.
Oh boy!  He has been a challenge for me from the get go when I introduced him in the last novel. I did not know what I wanted him to be, a bad guy or a good guy.   In fact, I will have to go back and tweak him so that he fits with where I am with him in this novel.
He’s a ladies man.  They fall all over him.  And he knows how to play them to get what he wants out of them and moves on.  He respects no women (other than his sisters—though he claims he respects his mother, he doesn’t show it).  He’s a little vain with what he is looking for, wanting a girl that is near perfection.  He wants someone like his sisters and less like his mother who he deems weak and co-dependent on a man.    
Kimiko changes things up for him.  She’s a slob, Plain Jane looking and she’s kind of an annoying pest to him staying in his room since he has left home and has his own place. 
But these two first kiss literally was the hottest scene I have written in a long, long time!
It came from the blue too, because I didn’t know how I wanted Kimiko to be other than outside of anything he is attracted.  And he continues to claim he is not attracted to her, even after the kiss.  He just avoids her at all cost.  Pledging a fraternity only enables him to dog more women.
Kimiko befriends Tenille and Nola and they give her a make-over.  This really catches CJ’s eye because now he feels justification for his attraction.  He still does not want to go public with a relationship with her.    Kimiko doesn’t realize she’s his “uncover fling.”
Will this lil boy grow up and ever learn to respect women? 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 4: Reality show relationships

Oh boy!  For my character Tone, I have decided to do something a little different.  I’m still not sure what kind of rapper I even want him to be! Is he hardcore, gangsta, a baller, a ladies man, a conscious rapper, thugged out, party up playful rapper, or all about some good dance beats. Ugh!
A few things just won’t work for him.  He can’t be gangsta coming from Springfield, MO (though the group Fact Iz has a lil gangsta edge to them), and I don’t want him all flashy about material things (Icee does enough of that)…and speaking of, I didn’t want him anything like Icee, even though Tone idolizes him and wants to be JUST like him.
So what I have come up with is he’s a combo of a conscious rapper (like Nas) but likes to party up and dance (what rapper fits this).  And he’s a loner, he does not have a crew anymore, which is different for a rapper.  Besides the other artists on Da Factory Hitz label, he’s pretty much out there for himself.
Which brings me to turning this loner into a BIG public persona.  I already mentioned that his new, superstar girl friend will be offered a reality show…but now I am think they BOTH are offered the show (I mean, the cameras were going to follow them both anyway).  The idea starts from a simple tweet he sends:
“It’s lonely on the road…I need love”
He was heartbroken about Nola dumping him.  After he sends this tweet, within minutes female fans are blowing him up.  Little do they know, he immediately starts a relationship with Fianna.
Soooo, he becomes a Twitter superstar and gets droves of followers watching his every move…hence the reason they are wanted for the reality show.  Camera crews start following them immediately.  Each of HIS chapters will be an episode of their reality show (yet to be named) starting from when they record the rap song he wrote “Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)”---which I have written, but not in this format, so I will redo it. 
EVERYTHING they do is televised, even Fianna revealing that she is pregnant.  Even him debating with Icee on marrying her.  So yes, LOTS OF DRAMA!   But this is typical of a lot of celebrity stories I hear right now, so I’m basing their lives off what I see/hear.   
Will their marriage last or be another Kim Kardashian one?  Reality star relationships, do they ever work?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 3: My Chick Bad!

As a writer, you have to love your characters, the good ones, the mean ones, the boring ones, the ones you'd never be friends with.  I have to say, I'd be friends with all six of the Six Sexy Sisters.

All different and unique...and they keep evolving.  Nola Kelly can easily be my new fave Kelly sister to write about (Sarena was). Every scene with her I learn something new about her.  The first time I wrote her character in "Err'Thang About You," she was only 18 years old. She didn't have any lines. She was insecure about her looks, and did not think she could even do the "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters" campaign.  She thought violence was not the answer.

Till the first time she felt a gun in her hands!

She has continued to shock her sisters and Victor who is training her to be a deadly weapon.  She's learning five different martial arts, boxes with Victor, goes to target practice at least once a week, lifts weight five times a week, runs ten miles four times a week...and on her free time, knocks out a chick who steps to her incorrectly.

I'm 13,000 words in and she has knocked out TWO men and one female.  And we're just getting started.  She's not afraid to stand up for herself, even to Victor who continues to try and protect her from any harm.  He doesn't even like her dating, but he can't stop her.

So bring on the men!

First there is Jason, a senior at Missouri State University, and the President of his fraternity.  He can have any girl he wants, and sometimes does...but when he meets Nola (and after she knocks out one of his girls) he is smitten.  Too bad she is not so serious about him.

Then there is Rian, who she met in Six Sexy Sisters.  Now that she is single, she wants to know what dating a model would be like.  Except he's more interested in using her to further his career.

And then there is John Jay (yes, I had to name him after the Cardinal player--I just love his name).  He works at Da Factory Hitz under Big Sister Sarena.  He thinks Nola needs to be tamed...but just let him try.

Those are the MAIN guys for her right now. One or two might pop up, not sure.  All I know is, everything that comes out of her mouth is gold! Yes, I wrote a scene with Sarena last night (which she took over and wrote for me) and she still delivers the best lines, but Baby Sister is gunning in on her.

I also write a scene with was hard. She should be a wreck after everything that happened to her in the last novel.  But my Kelly sisters are strong.  You knock em down, they stand right back up!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 2: Looking for Love

I am loving the title of this novel so far. I am soooo bad with titling my books. I hate it, and I never really LOVE them.  Anyway, moving on.
Last night I made it to 9,157 words! That is awesome. My goal was 10,000, but even with this I am still ahead of my daily goal.  I need to write at least 6,666 words a day to hit 200,000 by the end of the month.  Totally can be done.  I will rally use the weekends to put in big numbers. I want to hit at least 50,000 by the weekend and that’s very doable.
Now I would like to introduce the characters, which all have been introduced in Six Sexy Sisters, but now we really get to know them better:
Nola Kelly, also goes by “NoNo” or “Baby Sister.”  She is 21 years old. After dropping out of Washington University’s pre-med programs, she transfers to Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield, Mo so that she can stay around her family.  She decided to double major in a 3-year accelerate program for Criminology and Psychology.  Her 2 years complete at Wash U already puts her halfway through the program.  With an additional year, she will also earn her Masters Degree in Psychology.  After that, she plans to enroll in the Police Academy and join the force.
All while continuing to study for her Doctorate in Criminology. She wants to work for the FBI as a profiler (think Alex Cross series or Criminal Minds).  Between her intense studies she still has time to party with her baby brother.  She wrecks havoc on the campus of MSU and she breaks hearts as well.  There’s no stopping her because she is no longer with Tone.  But deep down, she wants to find love and happiness like her sisters have…can she?
Tony “Tone” Watson, is also 21. He’s the young up and coming rapper, Icee’s protégé.  He’s ready for his shot at fame, but the album has been delayed yet again. He still is out there hustling, trying to get his name out there by performing his one single as much as he can. He is heartbroken over Nola, but not long when Fiana, the superstar singer comes along. They quickly rush into a whirlwind relationship. Fiana is on top of her career, Tone is along for the ride.
Even though others think he is in over his head, he falls in love with Fiana so when she gets pregnant, they quickly marry. But their life becomes a spectacle when she is offered her own reality show to follow the newlyweds.  Tone tries to maintain some privacy, and adjust to this new lifestyle. Once his album is finally released, he finds himself even more busy and away from Fiana more and more. Can this young couple really find happiness?
Christopher Kelly, Jr. or CJ as he is called by all, is the youngest of the three, and 21 as well.  He’s the brother the Kelly sisters never knew about till recently.  He quickly becomes best friends with Nola and Tone.   He’s a senior at MSU and ready to jumpstart his career in the music business as a singer/songwriter.  Nothing slows CJ down, between his school, work and the ladies, (plus a bonus…shhh, wait for it later) he still makes time to get to know all his sisters because he felt like he missed out on knowing Ashley.
CJ faces demons from his parents, and therefore has no respect for women and believes love is for suckers. There is not a woman around he believes will make him settle down.  His mother is Japanese, his father Black.  He dates all types of women…except any Asian women because he does not want to date anyone that resembles his mother.  But when Kimiko comes around, maybe things will change. She is a challenge for him.  Though he is attracted to her, she is everything he was not looking for.  Maybe he has found love.
Let’s just put it this way…as of this writing, I have NO CLUE who will actually be the lucky one to fall in love! I actually have a problem with any of them falling in “true love” at a very young age. Hey, it happens, but not to anybody I know, so we’ll see. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: Day 1

Yes, it's that time already!

My goal soon after ending Nanowrimo 2010 was to double my word count. That would be a big 200,000 words! This will be at least 2 novels (if those come to an end and I have not reached 200K, I will start a third).

Here's a brief summary of the first novel.

Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

I JUST now named this first novel I have started!  It follows Baby Sister, Nola Kelly on a journey of self-discovery. Okay, that sounded real lame, but that is what it is! The Kelly sisters have just lost Ashley who died in the Six Sexy Sisters novel. Nola is in complete turmoil and can't seem to move on with her life. At a standstill are her plans for college and even her boy friend Tone. Tone is busy trying to become the next great rapper, but he still yearns for Nola...until Fiana steals his heart.  It is CJ Kelly, the Kelly brother they discovered they had, that finally gets Nola out of her funk.

Now she is determined to let no one else suffer what her family has suffered. She plans to become a Criminologist/Psychologist and work with the FBI to help catch serial killers and rapers. So she throws herself into her new studies....well, until she gets invited to jet set with her brother around the world. Nola balances school with meeting men all over the world. She is in search for that one true love that she sees her sisters have.  First up is Rian, the hot male model she met at the KStyle model auditions.

Meanwhile, Tone is in a whirlwind relationship with Fiana. The two takes things fast real quick. Fiana is set out to keep Tone in her claws, however means necessary. So when she ends up pregnant, Tone marries her, much to Icee's disagreement.  Tone claims he is in love with Fiana and is doing the right thing.

CJ is the voice of reason for these two, except he is no better. He is the biggest womanizer ever. He uses women to his hearts desire. He doesn't think one woman would ever satisfy him because his standards are very high. He is so selective on what he wants and what he wants them to look like.  What he is looking for is someone like his sisters, which would be the opposite of how he feels his mother is. He holds resentment for her and how she allowed his father to treat her.

But it is his mother that sees this and tries and get him to not be his father. To settle down with someone he loves and loves him. So she plays matchmaker...except this girl is the opposite of all his requirements.

Will these three find true love?

Okay, and the second novel follows Big Sister Sarena through the beginnings of her ralationship with Victor St. James. I'll write the synopsis up for that one once I'm about to start.  Hopefully I can breeze through this first one in two weeks.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm having to do that with my edits for All That It Seems. For the most part, it really flows well.  I mean, I TALK fast, so sometimes my characters flow like I flow.  It can be a real tongue twister.  I'm having to slow down while I read, make sure I articulate the words and that it makes sense.  I mean, I have way more Ebonics in me that I should, for a college educated writer, you know.

Proper English and all withstanding, I just do my best.  One thing I know I am lacking is detailing out the scenery.  Sheesh! I suck at that.  If my character walks in the room, I don't describe much.  Minimal at best.  And as I read others' novels, I see all the nice prose and imagery and feel like I need to take a class on that. No, seriously!

I tell people that I have been formally trained in screenwriting, taking two different classes in college (one offered in the Media/Film department, one offered in the Theater/English department), and taking more play writing and mixed media writing than taking the required courses in the English department.  I took one short-story writing class, it sucked, I dropped that creative writing minor (although I have taken enough writing classes while in college, I still say I have a minor in that).

So maybe I did should have continued taking writing classes in college. I did not even take the novel writing class offered!  I know, I know!  I self-taught myself how to write a novel through self-help books, and heck, just loving to read!  Mind you, I've been writing since age 12, not that any of that was considered a novel by any means.  Even back then, my writing was more dialogue.  I could tell a story through people talking like nobody's business!

The screenwriting even further embedded that in my head since most films are dialogue driven. We aren't spending time watching scenery for PAGES in a movie. I'm not saying I don't have cool imagery written in my novels, I'm just saying, I don't spend much time on it.  It's something I know I will get better at as I write more, read more.

Reading my novel out loud, I really enjoy getting into each characters voice.  They don't all sound the same.  Shae has that sass in her voice I like.  Amari, the vixen, well, she's so spicy you never know what comes out of her mouth!  Mykayla, not so quiet as she seems to be, I really like her voice too.  And me being somewhat of a thespian (I studied it in high school, somewhat in college) it's like acting to me.

Haha! I just realized....WHEN you guys read my novel, you will readily know which one is supposed to be me now. Teehee!  I write what I know, that's for sure!    

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holla, Holla

Back to editing I go!

Holla, Holla, is chapter 6 of Everything About You. Yes, I decided that will be the title of the Icee/Kitty romance.  It's simple, it works for the song that really explains their bond and relationship.

A quick review of the chapters so far in case you have not read:
Chapter 1: Hot Flash
Chapter 2: Hit It
Chapter 3: Show Me MO
Chapter 4: Fact Iz This
Chapter 5: U Da Winner

In Chapter 6, Icee and Kitty continue to hang out at the after party at Icee's mini-mansion.  Kitty (sorry, she is still Kitrina at the time, but I get so used to calling her that now) is still a bit overwhelmed being with Icee, the rest of Fact Iz and the complete entourage that is around him.  She gets more and more comfortable and Icee calms any of her nerves.

Each chapter starts with lyrics of the song:

We party strong, we party all night long
Facts in da house? Holla, holla!
Got the club going, bottles flowin’
Da party don’t start to da Facts hit it up
Party, party, party, holla, holla, holla!

I haven't distinguished who is actually rapping the lines, I don't think it matters much. Understand that it is a rap GROUP and Icee is the standout, but they all equally perform. 

And this is about where I am stuck with my edits.  I have to get back to finishing All That It Seems anyway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Unbeweavable

This is another book written by Katrina Spencer. Loved Six O'Clock, so I did not know what to expect for this one.

LOVE IT MORE!!  Let me say, I read a lot, and I "try" and read different types of books from writers in all genres and backgrounds.  I say "try" because I still tend to stick to what I really love most, a particular genre, a particular story theme.  Unbeweavable would not fit in any of my top genres. It's not a romance, it's not a mystery, it's not a suspense.

It does have a little suspense in it.  Kind of a family tale about secrets.  I must say, a bit in, you kinda know where it's going...or at least, I knew.  One of the reasons I knew is because I wrote a short story years ago in college similar to this.  (Not really, but it reminded me enough about it. One person finding out about a "secret" family and in search to find them--except in mine, the main character has found out his mother was passing for white and he's looking for his Black family.)

In Unbeweavable, the main character, Mariah, loses her job.  She has depended on wearing weaves in her hair because she believes her own hair is not pretty.  Some of the stories she told of her hair horrors had me laughing on the floor!  Her mother is light skinned with more Anglo-Saxon hair, I will call it.  And obviously did not take the time to find out how to care for Afro-centric hair.  I'm so glad my mom and grandmother knew about hair!!

Actually, my older sister has very curly, fine, natural hair and it was the unmanageable one growing up. My mom would just wet it and put it in ponytails.  My grandmother could not manage the curls and put a pressing comb to her hair in the pre-teen years. Oh, the horror!

So a part of me could not relate to a parent not even trying to understand her daughter's hair.  I thought the main character was adopted the way the mother treated her--which hey, would still be wrong! My daughter is adopted and her hair is sooooo different from mine, but I had to learn how to take care of it because I'M THE MOM!  Sorry, I had NO sympathy for the mother character, absolutely none, and the ending still I could not sympathize with her.

I also like the relationship between the sisters, Mariah and Renee.  Renee was really, really fighting for attention in a "baby of the family" sort of way.  I understood why Mariah distanced herself from Renee because the mother basically drove a wedge between them.  I understood that. Why didn't Renee stand up a bit more for her sister if she KNEW their mother dogged her out.  It was like Renee was in blissful ignorance long as she was doted on.  Blegh! Okay, I did not like her either.

Oh, but to be fair, I did not like Mariah much either. She was whiny and bitter.  I wanted her to get over it so many times. But then, she had a very traumatic past so I sympathized at the same time.  And for me to not like the three main characters, I enjoyed the book very, very much!  It was intricate, it was detailed, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and that's what a good story should do.
It's supposed to be a happy ending, but I felt like it was unfinished.  In fact, I found myself flipping the page for more like, "Is that it?" I was actually looking for a "To Be Continued" or something.

Okay Katrina, I'm waiting for the next book. Get to it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Edits are a pain!

I'm just keeping it real.  Every time I sit down to do them, I don't get much done.  I am more or less reading it like I'm reading any other book.  I might catch some slights corrections, but I haven't done much more.

Well, tonight I buckle down and really get to it! All That It Seems, my first novel, needs one good last edit and then I will be done with it.  Well, until my reader tells me otherwise.  I have to get her these chapters to read and review and excited about someone outside of family reading it.  I don't even tell the storyline to many.

I have been reading lots of good books! And I am finding that it helps me.  Helps me to keep my voice, my sassiness.  I like some "spice" in my story lines.  I don't think I have one novel were there is not a spicy character or a spicy scene or just craziness happening everywhere you turn.  And I am so far from any of that!  I mean, I am a but of a drama queen, but really, I am a shy, quiet girl to most.

But I like the sass, so I write sass.  Trust me, there is enough in All That It Seems.  Between Amari's crazy, wild dramatics, and Shae's Miss Know-It-All attitude and MyKayla's quiet innocence, I cover pretty much everything.   And I'm not even talking about the  men and their crazy life!


Okay, back to editing!  My dear people hope you get to read this soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book Review: Six O'Clock

I just finished Katrina Spencer's first novel, Six O'Clock and I must say, I LOVED IT!

Okay, I will give a fair review of the book.  At the beginning, I did not see where it was going.  Because it was titled Six O'Clock and early on the reader was told that "Six O'Clock" was the character Yolanda's nickname, I thought it would simply be about her.  But the book takes on multiple POVs (personally, my favorite way to write) and so we got to see what her friends, her enemies, her love interest and everyone else in between were thinking.  I like that, but sometimes it could have gotten overwhelming. You had to go back a few lines to catch who's POV you were in, but mostly there were nice transitions between POV switch.

Once the book got good and going, I was loving it! Knowing the other character's POVs moved the story along.  It just had to be written this way!!  Another thing I don't like much in novels is when the main character is so naive, or so vulnerable...which Yolanda was, but it worked here.  It's like I wanted to shake some sense in Yolanda and be like, "Girl, stop being so trusting!" She had some sass in her too, just not enough in the beginning.  I like sassy characters!

This was actually the FIRST novel I ever read I discussed with my kids! What? Why? Because it was actually kid friendly (none of mine would past muster there).  And it actually had a "moral to the story" type of feel.  The main character, Yolanda, is super thin, but there was also issues with an overweight female character, a non-attractive female (I'm too nice to call someone ugly), and the drop-dead gorgeous female. Who would you date? Would you be turned off on things they could not change, if they were truly a nice person? Too thin, but pretty face? Big girl, but attractive to you?

I asked my 12 year old son who is just starting to like girls, and he likes girls A LOT, what would he think of a character like Yolanda.  He notices breasts, and butts and pretty long hair, all that.  He initially said "No way!" he would not like a skinny girl.  Then I gave him the option of an overweight girl versus someone not really pretty.  Tough decisions. And I am not teaching him to be vain, but I have to admit, it would be a tough decision for me.  Initially, if I am not attracted to you, I don't want to spend anytime with you...not even giving you a chance.  But in Six O'Clock I see that we should look beyond the outside appearance and really get to know someone before we make that decision.

I liked how everything wrapped up at the end of the novel. I was literally in tears and reciting lines to my kids.  I told my daughter, this is what you want a man to say to you!

I think Katrina did a good job with this book!  It was a feel good story.  From the middle to the end I could not put the book down!  Loved it! Now I cannot wait to read her next one, Unbeweavable, the title along intrigues me.