Monday, January 31, 2011


I apologize to all the great men out there being MEN!  SISTER CIRCLE's leading men is not a reflection on any of you...but some of you when you were young and free in college can relate.

I'm just saying!

I had to sit back and realize that most, if not all of my leading men are roof-roof dogs!  Okay, maybe I reformed one, Kenyon, but he started off as a playa.  The self-proclaimed "finest man on campus" has oodles of women drop at his feet.  His reputation as the ladies man is what he is known for, and proud of.  Having a girl friend has not been in his cards for the last three years, until... It just takes meeting the right girl to tame you down.  And he has found his match with Zavrina.

But also there is Donte.  He starts off as the perfect guy, does no harm and adores his girl friend Sherry.  Hmmm, they always say it's the quiet ones...

Let's not forget Jill's quest on finding Mr. Perfect and finding every Mr. Wrong she can, and then when Mr. Right is right in her face...she rejects him.  Oh we women have iss-kues too!

And poor little Lark, so lost, so confused.  She had an older, professional guy who worshipped her, but yet lets the bad-boy basketball star sweep her off her feet.  Hey, women can cheat too.

"Ross, we need to talk,” Lark said, having to think quick on her feet. 

“Okay. Let’s go out to dinner, I have a lot to talk about with you too,” he said.


“Lark, what’s up?” Frankie seemed to come from no where and stood beside Ross.  This was a nightmare.  

"Frankie, let me explain?" Lark started to say.

“Who’s this?” Ross asked, looking Frankie up and down.

“This is Ross, Frankie. Ross, this is…my friend, Frankie.”

“Your friend?” Frankie said, ignoring Ross and looking at her. “You didn’t tell him?”

Lark wanted to disappear in a hole.

“I was going to …today.”

“Tell me what?” Ross asked.

“Lark, you lied to me,” Frankie said. He turned to Ross. “I’m not her friend, I’m her boy friend.”

“Boy friend? No, you’re not. I’m her man,” Ross said.

Lark was never one for confrontation, but here she was, right in the middle of one. How she wished she could just be swooped away.

“Umm, Ross, I was going to tell you…I can’t be with you anymore because I want to be with Frankie.”

“No Lark, tell him the truth. You never loved him and you love me,” Frankie aid.

“What?” Ross said turning to her.

Lark wanted to run away.

“Lark, what are you, crazy? Are you going to throw away everything that we have? Are you going to just walk away from me after all that I have done for you?”

“I never wanted to hurt you Ross. But I have not been happy for a very long time. My parents are the ones that wanted me to be with you. I never made that decision.”

“So now you decide, just like that it’s over? No, I make that decision,” he said.

“Hey, hold up,” Zavrina said. “My sister said it’s over, now you gotta deal with that.”

“Sister? Oh, is this one of your new sorority sisters? See, I told you they’d change you.”

“This had nothing to do with MAX!” Lark said, raising he voice at him. “It has everything to do with you trying to control my life. You never cared about what I was interested in. It was all about how much money you could give me, what you could buy me, and other ways you tried to control me.”

“I only did it because I loved you,” Ross said, trying to touch her, but she moved away.

So really, I take that apology back.  Men can do it, women can do it, no ones perfect.  Chalk it up to being young and naive.  We have to grow up some time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's up with those sorority girls?

SISTER CIRCLE is all about four sorority sisters.  Well, one has to first pledge.  And it's not easy.

But SISTER CIRCLE is not about the rituals and ceremonies of a sorority, it's about the bond of four young women who are top leaders at their school, top in academics, but when it comes to relationships with men, they fail.

Mu Alpha Xi Sorority (MAX) is an elite sorority that cannot be compared to any other.  Their focus is not community service like others, it's leadership.  Developing leadership skills in women who show promise.  Yes, they also do community service, but they mainly work developing leadership skills in others.

One way is through their week long Women's Leadership Summit. During MAX week, the sorority holds several workshops for women on campus.  It is here that they find leaders they feel worthy to bring into their sorority.  From there they send out invites to top candidates with all the other necessary requirements.  And the process can be brutal...

“Well, she was our last and final candidate. So we have three, but we already discussed that we were taking two,” Jill, who would serve as the Dean of Pledges, stated. 

“Essence, Teresa and Lark,” Sherry said, as she spread out their applications on the table in front of them.  “All very qualified candidates, we just have to pick the top two.”

“My vote’s for Lark,” Zavrina quickly stated.

“Zav, this is not about favoritism. I think you’re a little bias,” Sherry said.


“We both know you hand picked Lark to succeed you as president of the Black Collegians, and no one would run against her because of it.”

“So are you saying Lark can’t hold her own?”

“I’m saying, she’s a senior, how well can she serve MAX by only being here a couple more months? Essence and Teresa are both sophomores."

“True,” Jill said, with a nod.

“Forget that. We are picking the best candidates and Lark’s it. Besides, something shiesty about Essence,” Zavrina said. It was just a hunch, but she did not like the way the girl practically came from nowhere and was now President of the honor society. She did not even recognize her face from last year and she knew everybody, white, Black or otherwise.

“She hangs with the white crowd, that’s why she’s not in your orb,” Jill said.

“Fuck that, I still should know something about her, if she is trying to step the fuck in my shit. I don’t like her.”

“There you go again with your antics,” Sherry said, tossing her pen down. “The girl has a 3.8 GPA, Honor Society and on the Debate Team. Lark does not have it like that.”

“I’m talking about personally. What do you know about her?”

Sherry knew that she grew up in the same small town as Donte and their parents were friends, but she was not going to mention that. She would then have to mention that Donte was the one that insisted Essence was a good candidate for MAX. She trusted Donte’s word on that. Besides, Essence was a better candidate than Lark.

“Okay look at Teresa. 4.0 GPA, Honor Society, and already Gospel Choir Director. Come on now, that beats out Lark’s delayed start,” Sherry said.

“Right and Teresa is real nice. We need her for sure. Keep her and Lark, that’s our two, we cool. Straight? I’m out,” Zavrina said, standing from her seat and about to grab her backpack.

“Sit down, we are not hardly straight,” Sherry said. “As President, I say we take a vote.”

“Aw, you gonna trump me, madam President? Ain’t that some shit!” Zavrina said as she sat back down. “I made you, neo, don’t get the big head.”

“No, you already have it,” Sherry said.

“Peace sisters, dang!” Jill said. “I say we take all three. Three of us, three of them.”

“No!” both Zavrina and Sherry said.

“Damn! Y’all sound like you in radio. Got Bossy on one end, Princess Pepper on the other. Shall we go for round two?”

Monday, January 17, 2011

A change is coming!

Okay, I haven't went ahead with the 100-day writing challenge as stated in the previous post.  have I been writing?  Nit really.  Bits and piece here and there, but no serious writing.  So what gives?

I was so gung ho about my writing last August when I got recharged by it and started this blog.  I wrote like CRAZY in November during Nanowrimo and then it went down hill from there.  Yes, I blame Nano for taking the drive out of me.  My problem: I'd rather write new things than finish the old!  But what good is having a bunch of unfinished/unedited work that no one will ever read?


So I will get to it this month and finish what I set out to do.  My first novel All That It Seems is about 99% ready to send out...BUT...I think I want to go a different way.  I think I want to self-publish or e-publish.  Take a lot of hard work, but I think it is the way to go nowadays.  Now many people publish the traditional way.  I need to build up a following and then I'll have a base for a big publisher to pick me up later.

So with that, I am changing how I blog!  I need to get people interested in my work, my writing, my storylines, my characters.  So no longer will I drone on about my daily life, but I will actually add more of my actual writing to the mix.  Kind of like I did during Nanowrimo where every day I posted an angle of the novel or a character in it.  I had the most viewers then and a lot of positive feedback.

And I am not posting everyday (unless I am working on something hot and new) but just enough to get my awesome storylines out there.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenge yourself to write!

I know I am not alone in this, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the things I want to do I actually get NOTHING done.  This is one of those times.  I have a whole list of things I wanted to get done for the new year and so far, not working toward getting any of it done.  I am talking about my writing here, my fitness stuff seems to be doing fine.  I am doing two different 100-Day challenges as far as my fitness/health goals but did not really challenge myself with my writing.  Well, it's never too late to come up with one now.

What can my writing 100-Day Challenge be?  Should I aim for a word count each day?  That can be hard on a lot of days, I want it to be something I can actually attain.  As far as writing I guess everything is really measured by word count, or pages, or something similar.  But I know some months I will be editing more than writing so word count won't work.


Okay, 100-Day Work In Progress Challenge!!

This means, I must work on ANY of my works in progress at least one of them, for 100 days straight.  I can do this!  No word count, no page count, just work on it (not just read it like I tend to do).  This will included researching for agents and publishers and sending out my work.  Okay, I love a challenge.

This will start tomorrow.....let me prepare myself tonight.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First time writing in the new year!

I cannot believe it has been that long since I blogged.  And it has been about that long since I wrote anything, much less look at any of my work.  But I am baaaaack! 

As planned, this month I will finally finish Sister Circle, my second novel that I wrote.  Welllll, never finished it.  I don't know why since it is playing like a movie in my well as the sequel.  No! There will be no sequel to this...well, I won't bother writing one, just let things fester in my head.

This is the story of 4 sorority sisters.  They go through a lot in this one school year.  Can you remember those college days? Some crazy stuff you may have done?  Well, this story just takes me back to that time and place where we THOUGHT we had issues, but the real drama does not start till you are out of school and for the long, long rest of your life

I just wrote a great chapter today, well, part of one, it was only 900 words and my chapters run really long.  First I did not know what to write!  I have not written in this novel for a long, long time.  I have read it over a dozen times, but I guess I was stuck.  So I took some things I learned from Nanowrimo and just wrote!  I know what's supposed to happen, I just did not have the build-up ready, so I just wrote what was in my head, spit it all out, and let the rest come later.  Aaaaa!  That felt good, throwing up on the page.

I plan to chip at it every day with little bits and pieces.  I need to get to a place where I can say it's done, and leave the editing for later.