Monday, January 17, 2011

A change is coming!

Okay, I haven't went ahead with the 100-day writing challenge as stated in the previous post.  have I been writing?  Nit really.  Bits and piece here and there, but no serious writing.  So what gives?

I was so gung ho about my writing last August when I got recharged by it and started this blog.  I wrote like CRAZY in November during Nanowrimo and then it went down hill from there.  Yes, I blame Nano for taking the drive out of me.  My problem: I'd rather write new things than finish the old!  But what good is having a bunch of unfinished/unedited work that no one will ever read?


So I will get to it this month and finish what I set out to do.  My first novel All That It Seems is about 99% ready to send out...BUT...I think I want to go a different way.  I think I want to self-publish or e-publish.  Take a lot of hard work, but I think it is the way to go nowadays.  Now many people publish the traditional way.  I need to build up a following and then I'll have a base for a big publisher to pick me up later.

So with that, I am changing how I blog!  I need to get people interested in my work, my writing, my storylines, my characters.  So no longer will I drone on about my daily life, but I will actually add more of my actual writing to the mix.  Kind of like I did during Nanowrimo where every day I posted an angle of the novel or a character in it.  I had the most viewers then and a lot of positive feedback.

And I am not posting everyday (unless I am working on something hot and new) but just enough to get my awesome storylines out there.

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