Thursday, March 31, 2011

Script Frenzy!!

Counting down the hours!

Okay, so ummmmmm, I am a WOMAN, and it is MY prerogative to change my mind, right?? Just like with Nanowrimo, I find at the last moments changing my ideas.  Well, at least one. And that was from the screenplay I came up with at the spur of the moment.

Instead of Sorors, the fourth screenplay, the drama, will be Women Are From Earth, Men are Just Visiting.  Long title, I know. This was the original idea I had and thought I forgot/lost it, but...silly me, typed a brief description and had emailed it to myself.  I found that email today!!


I liked this story line better anyway.  The characters are so CRAZY!  I love crazy. I do crazy like nobody's business. In fact, I'll leave it under the genre "drama" but it may be more comedy or romance maybe even suspense!!  I don't even have it all in my head, I just have the main characters (FIVE) in my head.

I'll start Fantabolous first because I think this one is the most fleshed out in my head, have the wackiest character ad will be finished in record time.  Next, I have no clue, I'll just lo with it.

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