Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everything About You/My Heart, My Soul, My Everything

These are the titles I can't decide on for the Kitty/Icee love story.  (And as I type this, it is constantly changing between the two)

Whichever one I chose would be the name of the song Icee wrote for Kitty while they were dating.  I suck at titles, I know.  But then, this is the novel I had NO intentions of ever seeing the light of day. Now I feel differently. Only because I believe Six Sexy A$$ Sisters needs to see the light of day, and for that to happen, first Kitty story needs to be told.

The SSAS series as I envision it, will go back and forth in the the past and future. Weird I know, but there's a method to the madness.  I am writing it this way, but the reader can read it anyway they so choose, but I think the order I write it is most effective.

First we learn about Kitty and how she meets and marries Icee, and follow her as she becomes a successful businesswoman.  This is were we meet her sisters.  Some of them barely have more than three lines, but the last few chapters is when I got the idea that I was not done with these sisters.

Six Sexy A$$ Sisters was born!  This title actually came about when Icee declared that after hiring Kitty and Kryssy for K-Style Fashions and then signing on Tenille to record an album, he wanted to work with all the "six sexy ass sisters." Kitty ran with that idea and the sisters promoted K-Style clothing line by modeling in several ads.  In Six Sexy A$$ Sisters, all the sisters are equally represented as they jet-set around the world living the fab life of celebrities.  Also, there's a stalker on the loose.

So what's next for those Kelly girls? Do we go forward or back to the past? Both!

I'm choosing baby Sister Nola Kelly as one of the next novels.  Since she is only 21 now, and has not had much of a past, her story will take place right after SSAS ends.  But it will not just focus on her as a main character. It will also be about her boy friend Tone and her half brother.

And also I choose Big Sister Sarena Kelly for some back story, her love story with Victor.  It's pretty much been told in SSAS, but this novel will flesh it out more, see what it is about Victor that has all the Kelly girls in love with him.  PLUS, Sarena has a bad ass past! She's not called two-gun toting hot momma for nothing!  Look for lots of action in this one, that's all I'm saying.

I don't know which sis is after these two. Who are will be left is: Kryssy, Tenille and Ashley.  Oh you better believe they will all get a story too!

Right now, I am editing "Everything About You" or is it "My Heart, My Soul, My Everything."  It's a crucial title because of when Icee writes the song for Kitty.  Tough decision!  I'll add bits and pieces of the story as I work.

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