Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Couple

I am a romantic, I swear! But I just can’t get into this Royal Wedding stuff.
Okay, moving it right along!  I like my own royal couple I am writing better anyway. That is the multi-millionaire, gorgeous and sexy, rapper/singer/model/actor, businessman Isaac Curtis, better known as Icee and the businesswoman/model Kitrina Kelly (know known as Kitty).   Can’t relate to those Londoners and tiaras and crowns and Dukes and Dutchesses?  Icee and Kitty are mid-westerners who came from nothing to be one of the Hottest Hollywood Couples (think Jay and Bey).
And their romance is a whirlwind that travels the globe.  Their love is undying. It’s my fairy tale that us little girls dream of.  Meeting our Prince Charming and having a relationship that stands the test of time.
Yes, I love the sappy, sweet romance stories, but this is so much more than that.  It’s about the music. It’s about the entertainment industry. It’s about an ex-playboy meeting his match, officially “killing the playa.”  It’s about those six sexy sisters every man desires (well, more on them in the next book). It’s about a happy ending.
Okay, this is FICTION.  I can make my peeps PERFECT (although I give them slight flaws).  The theme of this romance is that, you may not be perfect, but be perfect for the one you are with.  Icee constantly comments to Kitty how perfect she is, and Kitty comes back with, “No I’m not, I have this issue and this issue…”
“But it’s not about that babe,” Icee says.  “You’re perfect for me. Inside and out, you are an incredible person, that’s what is perfect about you. Flaws and all.”
Okay, I may have reworded my actual dialogue, but I know Icee’s voice, and I know his heart.  Imagine being a hot, RICH superstar? Don’t you think he has a parade of hot women dying for his attention?  But none of them get to know him.  All they see is “Icee” not the man named “Isaac Curtis” (the premise of his solo album).
I just can’t get enough of Kitty and Icee, and I hope my readers will feel the same way about this royal couple.   

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