Sunday, April 24, 2011

Script fizzle...

That's about the extent of my Script Frenzy experience. I have not "officially" thrown in the towel, but if I make it to 100 pages it will be a miracle. 

I have the story idea in my head, it just is not flowing like I want it to.  Very complicated!  I see why writers say some of their work takes years to write.  THIS may be one of those.  I thought this was not me. I thought I could come up with the idea, the story lines and just write it!!  I have written screenplays over weekends before, so why not this time?

Well, my mind is stuck on ALL these unfinished novels I have.  When I say unfinished, I mean not edited yet.  Seriously, I'm tired of saying I coulda woulda shoulda and say I DID!  And so, I will stick with finishing Monday's Revenge (the action screenplay), then it will be all about finishing the Six Sexy Ass Sisters series.

I SO LOVE THEM!!  Reminds me of the Braxton sisters.   Can you imagine having 5-6 sisters?  Think of the dynamics of it?  Think of your group of friends and if you were all sisters?  Crazy fun times! 

So in the next few weeks, more blogs about my fave characters ever!  I think I finally came up with a title for the first in the series, the Kitty/Icee story.  More on that later.

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