Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book Review: Six O'Clock

I just finished Katrina Spencer's first novel, Six O'Clock and I must say, I LOVED IT!

Okay, I will give a fair review of the book.  At the beginning, I did not see where it was going.  Because it was titled Six O'Clock and early on the reader was told that "Six O'Clock" was the character Yolanda's nickname, I thought it would simply be about her.  But the book takes on multiple POVs (personally, my favorite way to write) and so we got to see what her friends, her enemies, her love interest and everyone else in between were thinking.  I like that, but sometimes it could have gotten overwhelming. You had to go back a few lines to catch who's POV you were in, but mostly there were nice transitions between POV switch.

Once the book got good and going, I was loving it! Knowing the other character's POVs moved the story along.  It just had to be written this way!!  Another thing I don't like much in novels is when the main character is so naive, or so vulnerable...which Yolanda was, but it worked here.  It's like I wanted to shake some sense in Yolanda and be like, "Girl, stop being so trusting!" She had some sass in her too, just not enough in the beginning.  I like sassy characters!

This was actually the FIRST novel I ever read I discussed with my kids! What? Why? Because it was actually kid friendly (none of mine would past muster there).  And it actually had a "moral to the story" type of feel.  The main character, Yolanda, is super thin, but there was also issues with an overweight female character, a non-attractive female (I'm too nice to call someone ugly), and the drop-dead gorgeous female. Who would you date? Would you be turned off on things they could not change, if they were truly a nice person? Too thin, but pretty face? Big girl, but attractive to you?

I asked my 12 year old son who is just starting to like girls, and he likes girls A LOT, what would he think of a character like Yolanda.  He notices breasts, and butts and pretty long hair, all that.  He initially said "No way!" he would not like a skinny girl.  Then I gave him the option of an overweight girl versus someone not really pretty.  Tough decisions. And I am not teaching him to be vain, but I have to admit, it would be a tough decision for me.  Initially, if I am not attracted to you, I don't want to spend anytime with you...not even giving you a chance.  But in Six O'Clock I see that we should look beyond the outside appearance and really get to know someone before we make that decision.

I liked how everything wrapped up at the end of the novel. I was literally in tears and reciting lines to my kids.  I told my daughter, this is what you want a man to say to you!

I think Katrina did a good job with this book!  It was a feel good story.  From the middle to the end I could not put the book down!  Loved it! Now I cannot wait to read her next one, Unbeweavable, the title along intrigues me.

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