Monday, May 16, 2011

Fact Iz This

Chapter four: Fact Iz This

Yes, I am continuing with naming each chapter a song that the group Fact Iz has recorded.  "Fact Iz This" is on their first album and it is a total group collaboration where each of the six members raps a line throughout the song.  In the song, (also the title of their first album), the rappers are giving their listeners a chance to know about them as a group, and a little about each of their personalities.

In this chapter, Icee has not given up on Kitty.  He can't stop thinking of her, so he continues to call her and they get to know each other over the phone.  Kitty is desiring more, but she knows she can't give in when this superstar celebrity not only has a girl friend, but also is obsessed with sex.

Icee is not taking no for an answer.  Even though he travels 90% of the time, he makes a point to make it back to Springfield to see her.  At his club, they hang out and he thinks he can break her.  Kitty almost falls for his charm  Any girl would be lucky to have his attention, right?

The chase continues...

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