Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot Flash

I'll just break it down chapter by chapter, this Icee/Kitty love story (yes, I still have not decided on a title). 

Each chapter is titled off of a Fact Iz rap song...or later, an Icee R&B song.  Since most of the novel takes place in the hip hop/entertainment business, think of these songs as the soundtrack.  I am trying to make the lyrics match the chapter, but even it it does not directly match, it goes with the general idea of the story and the concept of Fact Iz and Icee.  So far, there are a whole lot of chapters! And since I like small chapters, I am still splitting some, so I don't have a definite number of chapters.

The first chapter: Hot Flash

Icee owns a night club in their hometown that he and Fact Iz are partying at.  Icee spots Kitty in the VIP section and his first words to her are, "You are sexy as hell!"

The chase pursues.  Kitty had been infatuated with Icee and the Facts since they were still local.  In fact, she has a huge crush on Icee and is speechless as he stands before her.  It is her twin, Krystle that does most of the talking.  It's their birthday and they are out celebrating.

So Icee invites the twins to hang out and party with Fact Iz.  Several things in this chapter are important.

1. You meet Kitty and Icee and see the instant attraction
2. See how gorgeous Icee is through Kitty's eyes
3. Learn some back story about Fact Iz

It's a very short chapter and it just gives a brief setup of how big Icee and Fact Iz are.  The song "Hot Flash" is their current single off their third album.  It will later go on to win a Grammy.

Oh by the way, FACT IZ is an acronym of the rap group members.
Cra-Z (Icee's deceased brother)

See how non-creative I can be!  Stay tuned for Chapter 2, the title along is spicy!

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