Monday, May 23, 2011

Read more, write more

Taking a break from continuing the Icee/Kitty story chapters.

So last week I did it! I sent off a query, synopsis and first three chapters to a publisher.  And not just any publisher. This is a local publishing company and I like that because I can meet face to face with the publisher.  I was given her info from a friend who knows her personally, so hopefully that pulls some weight.

In the mean time, I am trying to read as much as I can, any writer, every genre from, all spectrum's of the rainbow.  I just finished Danielle Steel's "Big Girl."  I liked it, but it's not the best book she has ever written. The writing style was different than many books I like. Mainly narrative and it spanned SEVERAL years. From before the main character was born will she was like 30 years old (I skimmed the end, read the last chapter, it kinda was predictable).

Now I have Katrina Spencer's "Six O'Clock."  I will do a full book review of this book!  I am twitter friends with Katrina and I know she would love to read my feedback.  I actually got the idea to read more from her blog.  Go follow Katrina Spencer.

I bought several books and will try and post reviews of them all.  I'm finding that reading, even when I do not particularly care for the book, is helping me as a writer.  I'll continue to review Icee/Kitty chapters because it helps me sort through all the mess.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me on your lovely blog! I like that you keep up your blog often and so I've added you to the blog roll, (been a long time coming on that one.) Yes reading does make us better writers and I'm flattered that I inspired you to keep reading. You inspire me too and please let me know how your book turns out! I know it can be a nervous thing waiting to see what happens, but be patient and get started on your next project while you wait. Trust me, it'll keep the nerves at bay!