Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show Me Mo

This is chapter 3. "Show Me Mo" is the song that lets everyone know that Fact Iz is from the Show Me State, Missouri.  Get it, "Show Me Mo."

Anyway, in this chapter, Icee and Kitty begin to connect over the phone.  In just one conversation they find things in common.

1. They both grew up and love their home city, Springfield, MO (though Icee was born in St. Louis, who moved to Springfield when he was five)
2. They both lost someone very close to them. Icee his brother, Kitty her mother.

And Icee learns several things he likes about Kitty. One, that she is a no nonsense type of girl. Two, she has a LARGE family of five sisters (Six Sexy A$$ Sisters first mention) and three, she runs her own personal training business and is determined to conquer the world.  He loves all that!

What he does like is, she's a good Christian girl which means:
No drinking or smoking
No cursing
and NO SEX

Okay, so maybe Icee is in way over his head.  As he likes to say, "I like all three of the above especially the last."

She's too much for him, and he decides to move on.

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