Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Unbeweavable

This is another book written by Katrina Spencer. Loved Six O'Clock, so I did not know what to expect for this one.

LOVE IT MORE!!  Let me say, I read a lot, and I "try" and read different types of books from writers in all genres and backgrounds.  I say "try" because I still tend to stick to what I really love most, a particular genre, a particular story theme.  Unbeweavable would not fit in any of my top genres. It's not a romance, it's not a mystery, it's not a suspense.

It does have a little suspense in it.  Kind of a family tale about secrets.  I must say, a bit in, you kinda know where it's going...or at least, I knew.  One of the reasons I knew is because I wrote a short story years ago in college similar to this.  (Not really, but it reminded me enough about it. One person finding out about a "secret" family and in search to find them--except in mine, the main character has found out his mother was passing for white and he's looking for his Black family.)

In Unbeweavable, the main character, Mariah, loses her job.  She has depended on wearing weaves in her hair because she believes her own hair is not pretty.  Some of the stories she told of her hair horrors had me laughing on the floor!  Her mother is light skinned with more Anglo-Saxon hair, I will call it.  And obviously did not take the time to find out how to care for Afro-centric hair.  I'm so glad my mom and grandmother knew about hair!!

Actually, my older sister has very curly, fine, natural hair and it was the unmanageable one growing up. My mom would just wet it and put it in ponytails.  My grandmother could not manage the curls and put a pressing comb to her hair in the pre-teen years. Oh, the horror!

So a part of me could not relate to a parent not even trying to understand her daughter's hair.  I thought the main character was adopted the way the mother treated her--which hey, would still be wrong! My daughter is adopted and her hair is sooooo different from mine, but I had to learn how to take care of it because I'M THE MOM!  Sorry, I had NO sympathy for the mother character, absolutely none, and the ending still I could not sympathize with her.

I also like the relationship between the sisters, Mariah and Renee.  Renee was really, really fighting for attention in a "baby of the family" sort of way.  I understood why Mariah distanced herself from Renee because the mother basically drove a wedge between them.  I understood that. Why didn't Renee stand up a bit more for her sister if she KNEW their mother dogged her out.  It was like Renee was in blissful ignorance long as she was doted on.  Blegh! Okay, I did not like her either.

Oh, but to be fair, I did not like Mariah much either. She was whiny and bitter.  I wanted her to get over it so many times. But then, she had a very traumatic past so I sympathized at the same time.  And for me to not like the three main characters, I enjoyed the book very, very much!  It was intricate, it was detailed, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and that's what a good story should do.
It's supposed to be a happy ending, but I felt like it was unfinished.  In fact, I found myself flipping the page for more like, "Is that it?" I was actually looking for a "To Be Continued" or something.

Okay Katrina, I'm waiting for the next book. Get to it!

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