Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Edits are a pain!

I'm just keeping it real.  Every time I sit down to do them, I don't get much done.  I am more or less reading it like I'm reading any other book.  I might catch some slights corrections, but I haven't done much more.

Well, tonight I buckle down and really get to it! All That It Seems, my first novel, needs one good last edit and then I will be done with it.  Well, until my reader tells me otherwise.  I have to get her these chapters to read and review and excited about someone outside of family reading it.  I don't even tell the storyline to many.

I have been reading lots of good books! And I am finding that it helps me.  Helps me to keep my voice, my sassiness.  I like some "spice" in my story lines.  I don't think I have one novel were there is not a spicy character or a spicy scene or just craziness happening everywhere you turn.  And I am so far from any of that!  I mean, I am a but of a drama queen, but really, I am a shy, quiet girl to most.

But I like the sass, so I write sass.  Trust me, there is enough in All That It Seems.  Between Amari's crazy, wild dramatics, and Shae's Miss Know-It-All attitude and MyKayla's quiet innocence, I cover pretty much everything.   And I'm not even talking about the  men and their crazy life!


Okay, back to editing!  My dear people hope you get to read this soon.

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