Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holla, Holla

Back to editing I go!

Holla, Holla, is chapter 6 of Everything About You. Yes, I decided that will be the title of the Icee/Kitty romance.  It's simple, it works for the song that really explains their bond and relationship.

A quick review of the chapters so far in case you have not read:
Chapter 1: Hot Flash
Chapter 2: Hit It
Chapter 3: Show Me MO
Chapter 4: Fact Iz This
Chapter 5: U Da Winner

In Chapter 6, Icee and Kitty continue to hang out at the after party at Icee's mini-mansion.  Kitty (sorry, she is still Kitrina at the time, but I get so used to calling her that now) is still a bit overwhelmed being with Icee, the rest of Fact Iz and the complete entourage that is around him.  She gets more and more comfortable and Icee calms any of her nerves.

Each chapter starts with lyrics of the song:

We party strong, we party all night long
Facts in da house? Holla, holla!
Got the club going, bottles flowin’
Da party don’t start to da Facts hit it up
Party, party, party, holla, holla, holla!

I haven't distinguished who is actually rapping the lines, I don't think it matters much. Understand that it is a rap GROUP and Icee is the standout, but they all equally perform. 

And this is about where I am stuck with my edits.  I have to get back to finishing All That It Seems anyway.

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