Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm having to do that with my edits for All That It Seems. For the most part, it really flows well.  I mean, I TALK fast, so sometimes my characters flow like I flow.  It can be a real tongue twister.  I'm having to slow down while I read, make sure I articulate the words and that it makes sense.  I mean, I have way more Ebonics in me that I should, for a college educated writer, you know.

Proper English and all withstanding, I just do my best.  One thing I know I am lacking is detailing out the scenery.  Sheesh! I suck at that.  If my character walks in the room, I don't describe much.  Minimal at best.  And as I read others' novels, I see all the nice prose and imagery and feel like I need to take a class on that. No, seriously!

I tell people that I have been formally trained in screenwriting, taking two different classes in college (one offered in the Media/Film department, one offered in the Theater/English department), and taking more play writing and mixed media writing than taking the required courses in the English department.  I took one short-story writing class, it sucked, I dropped that creative writing minor (although I have taken enough writing classes while in college, I still say I have a minor in that).

So maybe I did should have continued taking writing classes in college. I did not even take the novel writing class offered!  I know, I know!  I self-taught myself how to write a novel through self-help books, and heck, just loving to read!  Mind you, I've been writing since age 12, not that any of that was considered a novel by any means.  Even back then, my writing was more dialogue.  I could tell a story through people talking like nobody's business!

The screenwriting even further embedded that in my head since most films are dialogue driven. We aren't spending time watching scenery for PAGES in a movie. I'm not saying I don't have cool imagery written in my novels, I'm just saying, I don't spend much time on it.  It's something I know I will get better at as I write more, read more.

Reading my novel out loud, I really enjoy getting into each characters voice.  They don't all sound the same.  Shae has that sass in her voice I like.  Amari, the vixen, well, she's so spicy you never know what comes out of her mouth!  Mykayla, not so quiet as she seems to be, I really like her voice too.  And me being somewhat of a thespian (I studied it in high school, somewhat in college) it's like acting to me.

Haha! I just realized....WHEN you guys read my novel, you will readily know which one is supposed to be me now. Teehee!  I write what I know, that's for sure!    

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