Friday, November 4, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 4: Reality show relationships

Oh boy!  For my character Tone, I have decided to do something a little different.  I’m still not sure what kind of rapper I even want him to be! Is he hardcore, gangsta, a baller, a ladies man, a conscious rapper, thugged out, party up playful rapper, or all about some good dance beats. Ugh!
A few things just won’t work for him.  He can’t be gangsta coming from Springfield, MO (though the group Fact Iz has a lil gangsta edge to them), and I don’t want him all flashy about material things (Icee does enough of that)…and speaking of, I didn’t want him anything like Icee, even though Tone idolizes him and wants to be JUST like him.
So what I have come up with is he’s a combo of a conscious rapper (like Nas) but likes to party up and dance (what rapper fits this).  And he’s a loner, he does not have a crew anymore, which is different for a rapper.  Besides the other artists on Da Factory Hitz label, he’s pretty much out there for himself.
Which brings me to turning this loner into a BIG public persona.  I already mentioned that his new, superstar girl friend will be offered a reality show…but now I am think they BOTH are offered the show (I mean, the cameras were going to follow them both anyway).  The idea starts from a simple tweet he sends:
“It’s lonely on the road…I need love”
He was heartbroken about Nola dumping him.  After he sends this tweet, within minutes female fans are blowing him up.  Little do they know, he immediately starts a relationship with Fianna.
Soooo, he becomes a Twitter superstar and gets droves of followers watching his every move…hence the reason they are wanted for the reality show.  Camera crews start following them immediately.  Each of HIS chapters will be an episode of their reality show (yet to be named) starting from when they record the rap song he wrote “Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)”---which I have written, but not in this format, so I will redo it. 
EVERYTHING they do is televised, even Fianna revealing that she is pregnant.  Even him debating with Icee on marrying her.  So yes, LOTS OF DRAMA!   But this is typical of a lot of celebrity stories I hear right now, so I’m basing their lives off what I see/hear.   
Will their marriage last or be another Kim Kardashian one?  Reality star relationships, do they ever work?

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