Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: Day 1

Yes, it's that time already!

My goal soon after ending Nanowrimo 2010 was to double my word count. That would be a big 200,000 words! This will be at least 2 novels (if those come to an end and I have not reached 200K, I will start a third).

Here's a brief summary of the first novel.

Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

I JUST now named this first novel I have started!  It follows Baby Sister, Nola Kelly on a journey of self-discovery. Okay, that sounded real lame, but that is what it is! The Kelly sisters have just lost Ashley who died in the Six Sexy Sisters novel. Nola is in complete turmoil and can't seem to move on with her life. At a standstill are her plans for college and even her boy friend Tone. Tone is busy trying to become the next great rapper, but he still yearns for Nola...until Fiana steals his heart.  It is CJ Kelly, the Kelly brother they discovered they had, that finally gets Nola out of her funk.

Now she is determined to let no one else suffer what her family has suffered. She plans to become a Criminologist/Psychologist and work with the FBI to help catch serial killers and rapers. So she throws herself into her new studies....well, until she gets invited to jet set with her brother around the world. Nola balances school with meeting men all over the world. She is in search for that one true love that she sees her sisters have.  First up is Rian, the hot male model she met at the KStyle model auditions.

Meanwhile, Tone is in a whirlwind relationship with Fiana. The two takes things fast real quick. Fiana is set out to keep Tone in her claws, however means necessary. So when she ends up pregnant, Tone marries her, much to Icee's disagreement.  Tone claims he is in love with Fiana and is doing the right thing.

CJ is the voice of reason for these two, except he is no better. He is the biggest womanizer ever. He uses women to his hearts desire. He doesn't think one woman would ever satisfy him because his standards are very high. He is so selective on what he wants and what he wants them to look like.  What he is looking for is someone like his sisters, which would be the opposite of how he feels his mother is. He holds resentment for her and how she allowed his father to treat her.

But it is his mother that sees this and tries and get him to not be his father. To settle down with someone he loves and loves him. So she plays matchmaker...except this girl is the opposite of all his requirements.

Will these three find true love?

Okay, and the second novel follows Big Sister Sarena through the beginnings of her ralationship with Victor St. James. I'll write the synopsis up for that one once I'm about to start.  Hopefully I can breeze through this first one in two weeks.


  1. Glad you are back and posting everyday. Can't wait to see what you do this year and hopefully I can keep up and not have you leaving me in your dust.

  2. Thanks for reading. I'm soooo excited about this novel, even more than Six Sexy Sisters. These characters are so young and going through some things, so it's fun writing about them. I could totally write like a BILLION words on them. Okay, maybe not, I'll stick with 100K.