Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 10: The Drama Intensifies

Things are getting pretty darn interesting!  Nola Kelly has won an intern with the FBI, so things are going great for her….that is, if she can control her temper.  She is constantly getting into trouble.  Like serious trouble….
Victor to the rescue.
Then there is CJ, who I will have to go back and make him more of a sleazebag.  He is really bad with the ladies.  And the bad thing is, I’m drawing from my own experience for him. 
College + a fine man + young naïve girls + add in a Fraternity = FREAKS OF THE INDUSTRY!
No, but he’s not a Kappa.   You get the point though.  I have to make him so off the deep in with it, and then come full-circle.  Actually…maybe not.  He plans on recording an album with Da Factory Hitz after graduation, so do you think he will give up his playa ways?  I doubt it…he’s still young and about to be put in a position men would love.  Still thinking on him.
And then there is Tone, so in love with Fianna all he does is talk about being in love and his love for her.  I mean, I have them so happy and perfect it makes me sick!  Haha!  So what do you think I will do…break up the happy couple?  Thinking about it.
Like I said, I am not sure who will have a happy ending.  It keeps changing in my mind, but then, I’m letting the characters lead the way.  If I had it my way, all would be happy and in love….just not reality.
So I push on.  No real writing today because I have to head out of town, but tomorrow it will be on!

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