Friday, November 11, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 11: Things get interesting

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to Springfield, MO.  It is the city where I went to college.  It is also the setting of my Six Sexy Sisters series.


I could not write yesterday, but I did take the opportunity to soak in as much of Springfield and Missouri State University as I could.  Okay it's like this, 2 out of 3 of my MCs go to college there.  There are sooo many scene around the campus...but that campus sure does look a lot different than when I was there 15 years ago.  Take the student union or PSU (Plaster Student Union)

We didn't have that!  We had the Campus Union....they have expanded on this building so much its unrecognizable to us Alum.  I mean, I could get lost up in there, whereas in the past I knew every nook and cranny.  I like the new PSU.  It's very student friendly.  You see students with their laptops in corners, diligently working (or maybe playing Angry Birds, who knows)  There is a Subway, Papa John's and Burger King.  There are like 3-4 little stores (I need to count--I think 3 though...ummm, maybe 4!).

I know one is for like Greek stuff.
One has convenience store things
And one is all computer and gaming things.
There may be a fourth I am overlooking.

There are lots of meeting spaces, and as I was there fore a meeting, I could see student groups using various rooms.  But the most interesting thing I gathered was the fire drill we had while I was there.  Super exciting!  I have to find a way to incorporate it in my novel. 

And I figured out who to kill off in my novel.  Woohoo!

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