Monday, November 14, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 14: Good Guy, Bad Guy

Sometimes I HATE my characters…and I mean in a good way.  Like, I make then this really despicable person, so evil…but yet, you really can’t hate him if you made him that way, right?

It’s all a part of making fiction like reality.  As a writer, everyone cannot be perfect (although I find it fun when mine are close to that).  And everyone can’t be Mr. Nice Guy in a love story….ouch, this one hurts me.  I like to create the perfect man.  Gorgeous, smart, body, and a gentleman.
Come on now, that’s not reality!!
CJ Kelly has everything going for him.  Just gorgeous beyond words, body smokin’ hot, and smart as heck.  So he has to be flawed right?  Let me say, I am having fun with his flaws!  I think I have him a borderline sex addict (though he won’t ever admit that in this novel…it will be something to explore later).  And the thing of it is, he doesn’t even see what he is doing! 
Poor kid!  He’s still young, only 21, but he will see some growth by the end of this novel…not totally there, but enough.
Did I mention he is an AWESOME singer?  Oh yeah, and he writes his own music.  And now, he has been signed on to be an underwear model.  Okay, okay, I had to make the good things way out there because the bad things about him balance him out. 
Least I have some good guys in the story.  Nola Kelly is bouncing between two guys: Jason and John Jay.  Which one is the keeper?  The Frat guy or the up-coming Record Executive?
Ha! I could give it away, but it’s too juicy to give out all the details.    

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