Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 15: Best Writing Day Ever!

Halfway point.  I’m not halfway done, but that’s okay, that is what the weekends and days off are for.  Some serious writing sessions coming up.

Last night….probably the best writing day of my life, like ever!  And I have been writing since I was 12!  Twenty six years later, I still LOVE it! I love creating characters that come alive…and take over the story.

The chapter I was writing was so intense!  Basically, I knew what was supposed to happen, but did not know how.  I can’t go into specifics because well…it would not be any fun if and WHEN readers read this book and already know.  This is the element of surprise type of stuff.  Although…I saw it coming, not initially…but somewhere down the line, I knew.

Okay, that was kind of cryptic, LOL!  Okay, someone gets killed.  I generally don’t like killing off characters, good or bad, but uh…this series deals with six sisters that take no mess and are trained to fight to kill.  So yeah, that.

Also today, just now at work, I thought of another twist…shocked me it popped in my head, but TOTALLY works for the story.  Again, it’s so juicy I can’t get into details.  I said it before, I LOVE my Six Sexy Sisters (so sad one of them died off in the second book, but that’s what prequels are for!) And the books keep getting better, and better!  This one is definitely my favorite right now.  Not a simple love story like the first one with Icee and Kitty.  Not the chaos of having SIX dynamic leads in “Six Sexy Sisters.”

Cannot wait to start the next one, still untitled, about Big Sister.  This one will be a little different.  A lot slower in pace because it’s a love story…basically between two kids.  But just because my main characters, Sarena and Victor, will be teenagers, don’t mean there will be less action!  This one will go a lot faster writing-wise because since it is in the past, what happens is like history already written.

But oh yeah, Momma Kelly will be in this one!!  Excited to develop her and see how much of an influence she was on their lives.  Wow!  Okay, getting myself excited.

But listen, instead of just Baby Sister and Big Sister having their own novel as I previously planned…oh yeah, Lil Sister, a.k.a Tenille Kelly the up-and-coming Diva will get hers! Ha!  More on that later!

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