Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 17: Changing history

Did no writing yesterday.  A lot of other stuff going on.

But my mind was on my story, trust me on that.  This new twist that came up in the story….changes the whole game!  Changes the whole series…or it could.  I could back-track and rework some things, or just leave them as they are.  If I leave them as they are, that makes the BIG EVENT that happens even more shocking.  But I feel like I need to drop in some “little nuggets.”

It especially affects the next story in the series, the first prequel, the love story of Sarena and Victor.  I mean, it has the POTENTIAL to change the whole course of things….but I won’t let it.  I will write it the way I originally planned it….as if the future has not happened yet (I mean, it hasn’t). 

I will be beginning that one tomorrow and pretty excited!  I have the whole day off and plan to just sit there and write, write, write!  And then I have all weekend, no big plans!  How much can I whip out in 3 days??

So I have about 5K to write tonight and finish “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.”  I will say this, it ends with a cliffhanger…on purpose.  You’ll learn how it ends in the next installment.

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