Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 2: Looking for Love

I am loving the title of this novel so far. I am soooo bad with titling my books. I hate it, and I never really LOVE them.  Anyway, moving on.
Last night I made it to 9,157 words! That is awesome. My goal was 10,000, but even with this I am still ahead of my daily goal.  I need to write at least 6,666 words a day to hit 200,000 by the end of the month.  Totally can be done.  I will rally use the weekends to put in big numbers. I want to hit at least 50,000 by the weekend and that’s very doable.
Now I would like to introduce the characters, which all have been introduced in Six Sexy Sisters, but now we really get to know them better:
Nola Kelly, also goes by “NoNo” or “Baby Sister.”  She is 21 years old. After dropping out of Washington University’s pre-med programs, she transfers to Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield, Mo so that she can stay around her family.  She decided to double major in a 3-year accelerate program for Criminology and Psychology.  Her 2 years complete at Wash U already puts her halfway through the program.  With an additional year, she will also earn her Masters Degree in Psychology.  After that, she plans to enroll in the Police Academy and join the force.
All while continuing to study for her Doctorate in Criminology. She wants to work for the FBI as a profiler (think Alex Cross series or Criminal Minds).  Between her intense studies she still has time to party with her baby brother.  She wrecks havoc on the campus of MSU and she breaks hearts as well.  There’s no stopping her because she is no longer with Tone.  But deep down, she wants to find love and happiness like her sisters have…can she?
Tony “Tone” Watson, is also 21. He’s the young up and coming rapper, Icee’s protégé.  He’s ready for his shot at fame, but the album has been delayed yet again. He still is out there hustling, trying to get his name out there by performing his one single as much as he can. He is heartbroken over Nola, but not long when Fiana, the superstar singer comes along. They quickly rush into a whirlwind relationship. Fiana is on top of her career, Tone is along for the ride.
Even though others think he is in over his head, he falls in love with Fiana so when she gets pregnant, they quickly marry. But their life becomes a spectacle when she is offered her own reality show to follow the newlyweds.  Tone tries to maintain some privacy, and adjust to this new lifestyle. Once his album is finally released, he finds himself even more busy and away from Fiana more and more. Can this young couple really find happiness?
Christopher Kelly, Jr. or CJ as he is called by all, is the youngest of the three, and 21 as well.  He’s the brother the Kelly sisters never knew about till recently.  He quickly becomes best friends with Nola and Tone.   He’s a senior at MSU and ready to jumpstart his career in the music business as a singer/songwriter.  Nothing slows CJ down, between his school, work and the ladies, (plus a bonus…shhh, wait for it later) he still makes time to get to know all his sisters because he felt like he missed out on knowing Ashley.
CJ faces demons from his parents, and therefore has no respect for women and believes love is for suckers. There is not a woman around he believes will make him settle down.  His mother is Japanese, his father Black.  He dates all types of women…except any Asian women because he does not want to date anyone that resembles his mother.  But when Kimiko comes around, maybe things will change. She is a challenge for him.  Though he is attracted to her, she is everything he was not looking for.  Maybe he has found love.
Let’s just put it this way…as of this writing, I have NO CLUE who will actually be the lucky one to fall in love! I actually have a problem with any of them falling in “true love” at a very young age. Hey, it happens, but not to anybody I know, so we’ll see. 

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