Monday, November 21, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 21: So far, so good

But I am so behind!  If my goal is 200K, right now it is looking like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

Good thing I LOVE this second story I have begun.  This is the fourth in the Six Sexy Sisters series.  This one follows Sarena Kelly, and also the beginning of her relationship with Victor St. James, so he is a MC.  Oh boy!  You would think having main characters that are 16 and 18 there would not be much drama. 

I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!

First off, I actually LOVE writing Young Adult type novels.  That’s were I started, writing stories for pre-teens and teens when I started at age 12.  So, for me, this novel actually reminds me of my younger work.  Two teens falling in love, with a happy fairy tale ending. I mean, we already know how this one ends, they will get married, have two daughters, live happily ever after (well, not counting Sarena’s affair with T-Zack and ummm…darn, I can’t give the rest away)

But I am having fun developing these two.  Victor St. James, before he was known as “Killer Victor” and Sarena Kelly before she becomes “Two Gun Toting Hot Momma.”  Haha, there may be no guns in this one (well, not sure, this one spans a few years of their lives).  So throughout the story, things happen that roughen them up.

I’m not even 15,000 words in and Victor and Sarena already beat one guy to a bloody pulp.  And Sarena got a beat down by one of Victor’s exes.  Sarena is starting her “training” with Victor and you can see that she will be a force to be reckoned with.

It’s interesting with Victor, because I had not done much background on him.  Outside of moving next door to the Kellys and immediately taking on role of Big Brother, there was not much there.  Why?  That was the question, why did he attach so quickly to them.  Well, learn all that in the novel, but it’s a heart-wrenching story.

But my FAVORITE thing about this novel is writing the Six Sexy Sisters, BEFORE they became who I grew to love in the later books.  Wow!  All I can say is, I am having so much fun with a four year old Nola Kelly, a seven year old, very Diva-ish “I’m a Princess” Tenille Kelly, the ten year old twinkies that are always in radio, Kitrina and Krystle Kelly, and the thirteen year old bad girl always into something Ashley Kelly.  Oh yeah, Sarena is the boss and they still fear her.  Counting a fight with Ashley, Sarena has already been in three fights!

And then there is Carrie Kelly, their mother.  It’s kinda eerie writing about somebody you know will die so young (and in that case, I feel that way about Ashley as well—they both die of breast cancer).  Carrie got pregnant with Sarena when she was sixteen, married at eighteen and got pregnant every third year with another daughter.  Her husband leaves her when baby Nola is only a few months old.  She raises SIX girls all by herself.  I bow down to her!!  Well, Sarena takes up most of the slack, because Carrie works 2 jobs, one at night, one while they are in school.  She is only 33 in this novel.  So young to have that many kids, but it is what it is.

Oh, she’s a character!  Love her!  You can see where Sarena gets her mouth and sass.  She also looks so much like the twins. 

In the first chapter, it’s the first day of school and imagine getting six girls ready and doing their hair!  I wrote the scene but laughing at all the drama these girls were going through.  This is when it helps me coming from a large family!  I understand the dynamics oh so well.

Sarena and Victor, THE couple of the year!!

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