Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 23: Now That We Found Love

I know I am no where near 100K and it is the 23rd of the month, but I still have faith that I will hit 200K by the end.  I have a 4-day weekend and no plans but to sit home with the laptop in front of me.

It helps that I looooooove this story!  I titled it "Now That We Found Love" because well, I really was a big fan of Heavy D, and his death was kinda timely to my story.  The day he passed, I wrote a chapter in "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" that referenced this song, even though the characters were not born when the song was out!  Geesh!

In this one, the song is only a few years old.  It fit the principle of the story because Victor and Sarena "fall in love" very early on in their young relationship.  But is that enough?  Now that they found love, what are they going to do?  I actually struggled with a 16 and 18 year old claiming to be so madly in love and knowing that's their soul mate.  But it's true, and I know people it has happened to.  So I have to make the story believable...

This means things aren't perfect.

Victor is still conflicted from his past, though he won't admit it.  He also takes his role as father/big brother to the Kelly sisters, very serious...too serious at times, even risking his life.

Sarena has a bad temper that no one can shake.  Victor does not help, training her in boxing and martial arts.  Her rage is from for her father leaving, and for having to take on responsibility of raising her sisters, and in essence, taking her childhood.  She looks to Victor as her escape and having a fairy tale life.

I'm not sure how to end this story.  I like to end with a big BANG, and so far, all of the Kelly novels end with you wanting more...and having cliffhangers.  It's hard to do this one that way, we know what the future hold!  But yet, I bet there will be something juicy at the end. Hmmmm....

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