Monday, November 28, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 28: Crunch Time!

I pulled an al nighter last night, which means, no sleep, I just wrote like crazy.  I have given up hope to hit 200K as planned, but I may hit a respectable 140K by Wednesday.
I’m still writing “Now That We Found Love.”  Still loving it, but some of the scenes just seem extra.  I mean, this novel spans over at least three years, when Sarena Kelly starts her sophomore year of high school, and now she’s about to enter college as a freshman…and I see no end!  I was afraid of this.
One, because I know the ending, so I just have to write all the scenarios to get to that point.  No surprise ending like the other novels in the Six Sexy Sisters series.  But wa-ay so many throughout the story.  I really detoured what I wanted Victor St. James to be.  He’s supposed to be this awesome guy, loves Sarena, loves her sisters, and goes all out to protect them.  Oh, he’s so much more!
But what has come up is a Victor I did not imagine. I knew I wanted him to “step out” on Sarena at the beginning of their relationship, but man, he went there!!  And as I’m writing it, I’m feeling bad.  He’s supposed to be a good guy!  How can I make what he is doing right?  I couldn’t.  I think I made their relationship mendable though, and obviously they got through it (but Sarena gets her payback in “Six Sexy Sisters”).
Right now, they are on their honeymoon!    
But getting back to Victor’ s little discretion(s)…Victor may not be that hardcore killer yet, but Sarena, GIRL, she went bananas!  She even scared her twin sisters with her rage.  And she’s not even known for her fighting.  She’s known for carrying two guns!  I think I’ll end the novel, somehow, when she gets her hands on her first gun!
Victor is about to start police academy.  I think I have to back track and make him do more dirt. Besides fist fighting, he’s not done anything to make everyone so afraid of him…I mean, busting a guy’s nose in the Campus Union can’t be all he’s known for!  If he’s supposed to be “Killer Victor” he has to, you know, KILL!


I have just the person that must die!

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